Update from the Boondocks of Bigfoot




Hey there my Sasquatch lovin’ friends,

I’m in a goofy mood, which comes at a good time after my Facebook Fiasco. a.k.a. the unfriendings over the past week. After I published my last post, I received fantastic comments packed with insights and support, and I felt a bunch of warm fuzzies.  Thank you so much!

It has been five days since I deactivated my Facebook account and I don’t miss it at all! I remain on Twitter, and it helps me feel connected to the internet, but as one follower Jasminehoneyadams of Invoke Delight  https://invokedelight.wordpress.com/  wisely notes,

“I much prefer Twitter for social media, where it’s less personal and there’s no pretension of people being friends; they’re more acquaintances which is less confusing for me, and it’s less upsetting if someone unfollows because it’s just the way Twitter works.”

I agree!

So you may be wondering what’s the story about this Bigfoot title? Well, I live five minutes away from the world-famous Bigfoot Discovery Museum. (I’m sure you’ve heard of it.)  

I’m not proud that despite living in these mountains for close to a decade, I haven’t been inside the legendary exhibit. My time will come. Last year I met the Museum’s owner Mike at the post office and he was very charming. He even offered to watch my puppy Lucy outside the post office when I mailed a package. I promised Mike I’d pay the museum a visit because let’s face it, one’s life is not complete until a pilgrimage to the Bigfoot Discovery Museum is made.  

There isn’t really much of a connection between Bigfoot and last week’s virtual rejection. Today I gazed out the window at the beautiful redwoods, and thought, How lucky I am to have such a view! Bigfoot came to mind because the hirsute creature supposedly roams these woods. Then I began to laugh, because of all the places in the world for me to settle down, I had to pick Bigfoot’s ‘hood. (Well, at this point I’d trust Bigfoot more than a lot of “friends” on Facebook!)

I used to hike all the time at nearby state parks, and I never once spotted the wily beast, but who’s to say what’s the truth of Bigfoot’s existence? (There must be an X-Files episode about it, right?) In any case, I’d much rather be pondering the mysteries of Bigfoot than surfing Facebook and wasting time better spent on important projects, not to mention finding out that someone has unfriended me!

Speaking of important projects, I’ve been working each day on Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder. I’ve made some progress, but I have a looooooong way to go. I’m slower than molasses when it comes to completing the draft, but I’m highly motivated due to the book deal with Post Hill Press. To help inspire me to do the best job I can, I bought Your Life is a Book by Brenda Peterson and Sarah Jane Freymann, which has 99% 4-5 star Amazon reviews:




I don’t have a good track record when it comes to utilizing self-help books, but I’m hoping that reading this book (and doing some of the exercises) will be a positive experience. I figure it’s definitely worth a try!

Because of the huge surge of interest in reading and writing memoirs, there are numerous awesome-sounding memoir how-to books available. I considered buying Natalie Goldberg’s Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir and Adair Lara’s Naked, Drunk & Writing, but I was drawn to this book. Another book that caught my eye was written by a New Zealander (! yes !) named Lindsey Dawson. She wrote Crack Your Life: How to Write a Memoir That Rocks. Although it only got two reviews, reading the glowing, detailed praise made me download a sample on my Kindle. I haven’t read it yet, but I will.

I’ve also been enjoying the Twitter feed of @WomenWriters. It has frequent tweets, but the beauty of Twitter is that it’s easy to sift through tweets without becoming overwhelmed. @WomenWriters offers links to helpful articles on websites including Women Writers, Women’s Books. http://booksbywomen.org/  I highly recommend @WomenWriters and the site!

Be good to yourself, be good to your friends, and please protect yourself from negative, toxic people/headlines/whatever!

Thanks for reading…




For more information about the Bigfoot Discovery Museum please visit: 


27 thoughts on “Update from the Boondocks of Bigfoot

  1. Dear Dyane,
    it’s bipolar brainiac (Allison strong) here, trying to print your post. How do you figure out that you’ve been unfriended? Do you just stop getting posts from certain folk and figure it out, then go check their status? Also, what sort of post do you think prompted all the unfriending? I understand you disconnecting from Facebook, the only reason that I don’t is that from the radio and record co industry years, I have about 500 ‘friends.’ Before deregulation and ownership caps being lifted, and the automation that made disc jockeys redundant, leading to an 95% reduction in our ranks, we were a tight-knit group, willing to help someone we didn’t know but only knew of, to get a job if they were unemployed. I post my International Bipolar articles and my Nami articles, but don’t write a lot about depression…I just want them to know that’s why I don’t work any longer and that’s why, at the height of my career, I got a divorce and fell off of the grid fifteen years ago. There is a lot of mutual respect, because we all understand the pressure, the demands made on the few who still have jobs. the rest of them are pursuing voice over careers, and a few, like me, are trying to write. The thing about Bigfoot being safer than Facebook is that people change, and you never really know what you are getting. I think I’ve lost about fifty or more friends due to bipolar posting. I’ve kind of reduced my visits and catch ups to once a week. I always make sure to read my vast newsfeed or whatever it’s called all the way down, to take the ‘temperature’ of the group. Why? Why would I care? Because I’m quite self focused and want to shift the balance over to being more others aware. Like in writing our books, we have to be cognizant of what people like to read, what qualities we want to make sure we endow ourselves or acknowledge ourselves for having, like honesty and courage, both of which you have in spades, girl.

    As for WordPress and Twitter, Thanks for reading some of my posts. WordPress is the most recent, being a shift from Tumblr, who obviously wants to be more like Instagram. They tinkered with their system and made it hard to copy paste (my teacher taught me ‘control V’ and they make it hard to post both a picture and a title. They want visual, brief, sexual. Huge eating disorder group over there. I have exercise bulimia and binge eating from the antipsychotics.

    Your post was so full of interesting ideas that It begged to be printed. I had never heard of these women’s writer’s groups before, so I want to explore. I finally figured out a way to sit on my computer with my broken foot in a way that it doesn’t hurt but is like the gyno’s office. Hell, when it comes to writing, I have no shame. I have a copy of a book called “Guide to Literary Agents” I’m wondering if you went directly to the publisher…..Post Hill Press, with your idea, Post partum bipolar depression, we’ve heard about it in the press and can attribute it to many a crime been committed recently, but as for an honest look at it, well, It’s an idea that also begs to be written about. How do you exist with post partum bipolar depression? How the hell can you take care of your offspring? Well, I guess we have to wait for your book to find out.

    Regarding our mutual friend, W KW, I checked out her first book again for a reread, and also purchased a copy of it for myself. I think it’s outstanding that you were able to avoid the self publishing lap that many have to take on their first book or for all their books. Really exceptional. Also exceptional that they would go ahead without a manuscript at the ready.

    I think that I wasted time on social Media and I feel the same way about Twitter that you do. It forces me to shorten my schpeil. Keep writing. You post didn’t print, and I wanted to get involved with the women’s writers and the twitter address. Thanks for sharing. allison

    • Hey Allison! 🙂 I promise to answer all your questions within the next couple days. I only slept 4 or 5 hours last night again, & I’m a zombie. I Nhad to lay down for most of the day, drained of all energy, while the kids were at school. I’m having major fallout from stopping “only” 25 mg of Seroquel. I might have to resume taking it if I don’t catch up on sleep tonight or tomorrow. I’m okay with that but iI really wanted to see if I could pull it off and my psychiatrist was okay with it….sorry to ramble…..Anyway, when I have more than 1/2 a brain I’ll write again. I really appreciate your support & taking the time to read & comment (and print out!) by the way! Have a good night and I’ll definitely keep in touch! Stay awesome & p.s. I’ll make sure to read your latest blog posts over the weekend…the titles alone caught my eye and look intriguing! I’m behind on reading my beloved blogs as well as everything else in my life. Ahhhhhhh!

    • I’m finally writing back, Allison! I’m going to answer your questions as best as I can – I’ve been so out of it the past week (still am) due to tapering off Seroquel, but I’ll give it a go all the same! 🙂

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m so sorry about your broken foot – that’s horrible. My husband broke his foot by falling down a staircase, and whoa, it’s a major injury, to say the least, that has caused him so much pain. He eventually got special shoes to wear because the break healed in a strange way….I hope your foot healing and that the pain isn’t too bad.

      With the Facebook unfriending, the way I found out was different in each case. With the first one I got a Facebook message from the person informing me he unfriended me. He didn’t block me from his Facebook, so I was able to receive his message, if that makes any sense. He did this with another friend who is pretty much a saint, so I didn’t feel like I was the only one being treated unkindly.

      The second time I went to the woman’s Facebook page because I had an uneasy feeling she unfriended me, and I was right – her home page said “Add friend”, which means she unfriended me. But Facebook doesn’t alert you if you’ve been unfriended, which makes sense to me because that would cause a lot of grief. Not one of my actions prompted either unfriending. It’s hard to explain, but it was clearly their issues and not mine.

      I learned a lof from this unpleasant experience and it’s good that it galvanized me to take the Facebook hiatus. I’ll most likely return to it for the sake of networking for my book, but I want to take a long break.

      Re: Post HIll Press. I don’t have an agent & I approached one but she rejected me. Boo! I just emailed PHP. I sent a 40 page proposal which included two chapters, so they did get a sense of what they were committing to. I did the same thing (i.e. just emailed my proposal) with other publishers if they stated on their websites that they were accepting proposals.

      Postpartum bipolar disorder is different than postpartum psychosis (although the two diagnoses have been connected in certain cases). My postpartum bipolar first manifested as mania, not as depression.To survive I had the support of my husband and doctors, therapist, ECT, & medications to get where I am, which is realtively stable. It took 8 years. We didn’t have family help us and barely any friends reached out. I don’t mean to discourage anyone but it’s a long road for most people to reach relative stability; I know you know that.

      Anway, I have two young children waking up now who are demanding that their Private Waitress (me) to get them breakfast – they aren’t quite at the age where they can get it themselves yet, Sorry for any typos – I’m using an ancient laptop that has keys missing!

      take good care, Allison!
      See you on Twitter & WordPress!

  2. I noticed that now that you’re off FB, you are blogging more. Yay! No doubt you are more productive on writing your book, too. It is my firm belief that FB can be a HUGE waste of time. I still am on it, and am still trying to figure all this social media stuff out. Wishing you the best as you write away in your Bigfoot infested redwoods. Love, Kitt (the perimenopausal, exhausted, bipolar mom)

    • Dear Kitt,
      I agree with you and am only going on Facebook once a week and reading my newsfeed all the way down and finding it really mundane. Just run of the mill crap, and a lot of nostalgia. I don’t know about you, but I am challenged to get through today and every day and just submitted to IBPF (you know who they are, right? Don’t you blog for them?) a story about the ‘upsides of depression’ which is bold and have to be careful not to be glib. But since in my ‘well’ cycles I am hypomanic, there are things I miss out on. Oh, by the way, I am totally menopausal, painful you know what, and never had kids due to my meds, craziness, and obvious lack of care for myself. I had to terminate once in treatment and since I was in a conservative Mormon corner of Idaho, Mom had to come get me. Term is a tough choice, but I was a heavy drug addict, street drugs at the time and I worried for the fetus. I can’t believe I’m telling you this. It was totally humiliating.

      • I am so very sorry you had to make such a tough decision. No doubt living in a conservative Mormon part of Idaho made it very difficult for you. I do not blog for IBPF, but Dyane has. I look forward to reading your post on IBPF’s site.

  3. No worry, no hurry, I am working with timeline, outline, making the hospital section longer and more truthful, and dividing my material into three books. The Seroquel is very least likely to cause the side effect that I got from Geodon, which has all but dropped off the market. Seroquel is a great drug. I wish I could take it. 25 mg is not a dose to worry about, in my book. I took 900 mg for 7 years, then an ED therapist recommended Geodon and after a year, I had tardive. Not good. Seriously, I go overactive on questions and am excited to have friends who are writing. And we are all backin off of Facebook. So boring.

  4. HI, Dyane! In answer to your wondering, yes the X-Files did an episode that was about a Sasquatch-esque creature, a female. Took place in Atlantic City and the Pine Barrens of NJ, where my husband’s from. We had to laugh bc the scenery in the woods was a lot more mountainous than the Pine Barrens really are.
    Missing you on FB but wishing you all the best as you work on your book!

    • Finally I’m back here to reply, Mariah, with my tardy response – my apologies!

      That’s hilarious that the X-Files had a show about a woman Sasquatch-ish beast! My friend worked in Atlantic City & grew up in NJ, and he would tell me a bit about the pine barrens. Of course leave it to television to jazz up the woods scenery, right?

      It has been 10 days since my sudden Facebook departure, and I still don’t miss it- but I do miss being in touch with you that way.(If that makes any sense! :0 I’ll most likely return in fall or next year, with a new approach to it, but it’s a welcome break; I only deactivated my account, so we’ll still be connected when I reactivate.

      In the meantime, thanks for your lovely encouragement all the while. I still plan on posting here once a week on Thursday or Friday so I’d be thrilled to “see” you here!

      take good care, sweet Mariah – you rock!!!!

  5. Wow writing a memoir sounds awesome! It’s the one writing project I know I’ll never tackle because it’s just too difficult for me, I take my hat off to anyone who can sit down and put their life into words, it takes a lot of perspective and strength. It’s great that there’s so many resources these days for writing things because when I started writing, it was literally just the Writers and Artists Yearbook and now that’s fairly obsolete. Really loving the advice I find in this blog: https://nhwn.wordpress.com/ I think it’s geared more towards professional writers for instruction manuals and websites and whatnot, although they sometimes have very good fiction advice too.
    I’m blushing about the quote ‘cos I don’t do compliments very well but thank you for linking, I’m honoured. 🙂
    Would LOVE to go to the Bigfoot museum one day. I am considering coming to the US and Canada for a bit of travelling if my dad’s estate gets settled, but am worried about blowing it all on one trip. We shall see.

    • Hey Jasmine! (Or Jasminehoneyadams!) I love both names!

      I never thought I’d write a memoir, so never say never!

      I’ll check out that writing link you provided (thanks!) as it sounds interesting. I’ve been enjoying following @WomenWriters on Twitter – it links up to some cool articles. Are you on Twitter? (Forgive me if I already asked you that…I’ve been way out of it lately! I think I need some of that acupuncture we discussed for more energy/sharper memory and hey, maybe it can boost my intelligence up a notch or two!)

      That would be so exciting if you came out here to the States. It’s so easy to blow tons of money traveling, so I understand why that’s a concern.

      I’m sorry about your father; I don’t know if you were close, but please accept my condolences. 😦

      My apologies about the tardiness of this reply; I usually write back within one or two days, andI hope to return to my regular routine.

      Take care and have a wonderful day.

      p.s. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for reading and commenting! :)))))

      • Thanks for the Twitter link, I will check them out. I am on Twitter, as @InvokeDelight. Thanks, me and my dad were as close as we could be, but we had a very different relationship to most parents/children. He was more like a cool older friend (I didn’t meet him til I was 16 and I was never sure he was actually related until after he died, when I found proof). Now I wish I’d had more time with him. Don’t worry about late replies – I’m terrible at replying to anything very quickly unless I’m looking at it when it notifies me! Sorry!

    • Okay, I guess I need to let you know the truth at long last, my dear one.

      I AM a Sasquatch!

      We can still be friends, yes?

      • Lol of COURSE we can! I hear sasquatches eat $cientologists for breakfast. Also, in my mind they look like wookies.

      • We do look exactly like wookies!!!! We are furry with great intelligence and humor,
        of course. And we can just fart towards a couple $cientologists &
        they actually pass out…forever – oh joy, oh bliss!

  6. Thanks for the rec of Your Life is a Book. I’m definitely going to check it out. Good for you for working on your book, even if slowly. (I’m finally working again on mine–very slowly and in research mood–but I’m working! ) Good luck!! xo

    • Thanks so much, Melissa for your comment!! Please let me know if you find any great writing books; I’m always on the lookout.

      That’s fantastic you’ve returned to work on your book, and I hope you’ll keep us posted through your blog.

      Take care & I’d wish you luck, but I think you’re so talented and dedicated that you don’t need it. Then again, a little luck never hurt anyone, right? As long as it’s good! So good luck and I send you a big (((hug)))

      • A little luck definitely never hurts anyone! And I do need a little help with consistency. 😉 As far as writing books–I remember a long time ago that I was inspired by Brenda Ueland’s If You Want to Write. It’s not specifically about memoir, but I remember it being really inspiring about writing and being a writer in general. I’ll let you know if I come across others. 🙂

  7. Ahhh The bigfoot museum! I remember you mentioning this! 🙂 good luck with your book, I know it must seem like such a huge task at the moment, but I have absolute faith that you will kill it!!! (Kill it in terms of awesomeness…just to be clear!). You are a fantastic writer and you have the potential to positively impact so many people through your work.

    It’s your time to shine Dyane, and I, for one, can’t wait to read the finished product 🙂 xx

    • P.s. I was going to take my munchkin to our local “natural history museum” the other day. Turned out to be less a museum and more a college of Taxidermy…. kid probably wouldn’t have cared 😉

      • Taxidermy totally freaks me out, so I would have steered clear of that place! Yes, I bet your munchkin (along with many wee ones) wouldn’t have been affected like me….then again, maybe they have a taxidermied Bigfoot, which I’d want to check out!

    • Thanks for this lovely comment – yes, despite having what I call my “skeleton” first draft, I absolutely feel like I have a enormous task ahead. I have to keep plugging away, right? With the occasional scream? 😉 When no one is around, of course.

    • All I can say it was her loss to unfriend you, Kamille!!! I’m glad you recovered quickly – woo hoo!

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