While I’m not returning to my olden, golden days when I posted every day (blahpolar, can you believe I did that?) and I LOVED it, I might be posting more than 1/x for a while…we shall see.

Thanks SO much to my kind friend Aisling of Dublin over @ Bipolar Balance (a wonderful new blog!) for the shout-out and for an excellent, informative post about her personal experience with a support group. She delineates the benefits so well & it really is inspiring. Enjoy!!!

And have a great day!


p.s. I WILL read/reply to the lovely comments some of you wrote recently a.s.a.p. – prepping for the support group gobbled up my extra time/energy the past few days!

bipolar balance

Well done Dyaneon setting up a bipolar support group in her area – a really brave thing to do.You inspired me to write this post about attending a support group. I attendedAware Ireland’sgroup for depression and bipolar for several years. Here’s what I gained:.

  • Relief –that I didn’t have to pretend I was ok, spend time explaining bipolar to people or convincing someone that I was really sick – everyone justbip46 understood
  • Observations – people from the group remembered me mentioning similar hallmarks of bipolar at different times of the year and brought my attention to possible mood shifts sooner than I had noticed myself
  • Guidance – when first diagnosed my group gave me countless pieces of good advice to help establish better habits such as better sleep hygiene, exercise, managing the relationship with your doctors – doctors can be brief and short on time sometimes…

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  1. You are so welcome my dear! And I’ll comment over at your blog SOON – I am sooooo behind!!!! But I’ll get back to my groove soon! (((hugs)))) p.s. do you like Luka Bloom’s music? Andy White? Liam of Hothouse Flowers?

  2. That was a good article on peer support groups. Unfortunately there are none in my area and I don’t feel like starting one, but I may consider an online version. Thanks for being there, Candis xoxox

    • Thank YOU sweet Candis! I totally understand why you wouldn’t want to create a group – I felt that way for a long time! You could always try an online version and if it’s not for you, then it’s easy to move on.. Take care and thanks for making me feel appreciated – it’s wonderful! (((hugs)))!

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