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Wendy K. Williamson is my writing mentor and she’s the author of the bestselling book “I’m Not Crazy Just Bipolar”. She co-authored the acclaimed “Two Bipolar Chicks Guide to Survival” with Honora Rose. Wendy has been a keynote speaker at national conferences, she has made media appearances galore, and she’s co-founder of the Red Bank Writers Group. She has an incredible writing voice that speaks to me in a profound way. And thank God the lass has a fabulous sense of humor. Read her brief post for some awesome inspiration if you’re a frustrated writer….I, of course, know nothing about that! 😉


                                                          Dear Writer,

“Happiness for me, or I suspect any writer, is plenty of paper and plenty of pens. Isn’t that such a simple concept?

Yet, for a writer, anyone who measures their calling as a heartbeat, a desire, a burning or ringing, whose only way to turn it down, drown it out, is to pick up that pen, open up and power on their laptop and squelch the burn with the begin to the begin.

The paradox is wrapped up with passion is its ugly companion fear. This fear keeps us locked in between these two worlds, trapped in the invisible walls of one who can see, hear and feel this call, whose words echo and pulse shoots in our veins, and the mysterious fear that lives alongside our ideas, our need to tell the stories we’ve fabricated or poems we’ve written or stories we have lived or studied…

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5 thoughts on “Go Ahead Writer

  1. Thanks so much, Melissa.

    I *love* Wendy’s writing! I bought her popular memoir years ago (“I’m Not Crazy Just Bipolar”) never thinking in a zillion years that she’d become my writing mentor. I’m incredibly grateful.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Take care, Dyane 🙂

  2. Just stopping by to say thanks for the encouragement from your mentor–I hope to read more of her from now on! Here’s to hoping your days in the wilderness continue to be fruitful and multiply words a-plenty…or however that should be said.
    I hope your writing’s going awesome, is my point. 🙂 xxxx

    • I love it when you stop by! I’m still getting used to being back home.
      We returned here on Sunday night, and school began yesterday, and yes – we know we were complete fools to do that!

      Anyway, my lovely coffee bean, Wendy K. Williamson is a magnificent scribe. As are you. And here’s a rough excerpt from my book that I wrote this a.m. about, gee whiz, the two of you – check it out! Let me know if it’s okay to include your last name, okay? Or if you want me to use a different name!!!

      Thank you: Greg Archer, Lisa E. Henderson, Kitt O’Malley, Jean Lee, and Wendy K. Williamson, my writing mentor, for your amazing, loving encouragement. You’re all magnificent authors – perhaps that’s why I adore each of you!

      • Oh hey, of course it’s okay, my lovely glass of wine (for it is night, the day has been POOP, and I want alcohol)! I’m honored to have such a place in your writing, and can’t wait to see a chapter or two shared sometime soon! 🙂
        Well, your girls are a touch older, so I’m sure they survived for being able to wander in the wilderness for an extra day. Do YOU think it was worth it? We’re going to go into the North Woods for a night or two over Labor Day weekend despite school starting up, soooo I guess we’re just as foolish.
        Happy to hear you’re all safely home–love to you and yours! xxxxx

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