Pursuing My Dream

I loved taking this picture of me & Lucy in my new writing “office” (i.e. the end of a cramped, teeny hallway). In that moment, I felt so hopeful about finishing my book. While my hope has slithered away as of late, there’s still some of it left. I won’t give up. I’ve been tempted to say “screw it” more than a few times, but honestly I can’t give up on my dream.

I’ll keep you posted on how it all pans out…

In the meantime, I encourage you to please visit “Broken Light: A Photography Collective” and consider submitting your own photo and story.

I’m so glad to be back in this supportive, inspiring, sometimes sobering, always amazing blogosphere of ours. I send my love to you all. xxoo Dyane

Broken Light Collective

Please welcome first-time contributor Dyane Leshin-Harwood, a freelance writer who was diagnosed with postpartum bipolar disorder six weeks after her baby was born. She also suffers from generalized anxiety, and depersonalization-derealization disorder. Dyane founded the Santa Cruz, CA Chapter of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) & facilitated free support groups in her community. She has been selected as the latest “Life Unlimited” profile by the DBSA, so her journey with bipolar disorder is currently being featured on their website. Dyane blogs for the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) and was featured as the first 2014 IBPF “Story of Hope and Recovery.” Through her personal blog and her IBPF blog Dyane provides encouragement and resources to those living with bipolar disorder. She is dedicated to creating social awareness of postpartum bipolar disorder as it is a lesser-known postpartum mood disorder.

About this photo: “This photo is significant as it shows me in recovery mode, pursuing the life I want to live.  Over seven years I tried…

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14 thoughts on “Pursuing My Dream

  1. We came up with a little ditty for Mademoiselle Lucy that the girls and I will sing and share with you soon:

    “She’s a beautiful beast…to say the least
    she’s my baby, don’t say maybe
    she’s a furry priest who believes in peace (Avonlea came up with that line!)
    she’s my Lucy, she’s my girl….”

    • Thank you Joe – I will keep going – I am determined one way or another (well, through legal ways only, ha ha) to finish! 😉

    • I LOVE LOVE that phrase “there is no deadline” because I *really* needed to hear it, sweet friend. Thank you! You are precious!

  2. I just wanted to say how much I love this picture. There’s something special about the companionship one has with a animal, especially a dog. There’s a keenness of feeling and understanding, a love requited. You two look happy and comfy.

    And I’d KILL for an office! Cramped hallway or not, I haven’t had a real space to myself in eons. If we could ever get that @&%! basement cleaned up…argh!

    Also, this image makes me miss having a pet. Granted, I never had this bond with a pet–our dogs either bonded with my kid brother or my dad. I had a pet rabbit once, but then I killed it, so, you know, no time for bonding there. Blondie’s already made a shopping list of things we’ll need for a dog (who will be named Snoopy, of course). Oh, and I have to hold onto this list until the boys are 7, because that’s the earliest I said we could get a dog. 🙂

    • You have great taste in photos, my friend!;) And get this, my lovely and hopefully green tea &/or coffee-filled scribe – I no longer have an office!!!!!!!!!!

      I was kicked out, well, lovingly kicked out, I guess. The hamster Snowball, who sadly died last week, and our elliptical machine are there instead. I returned to the kitchen table; it works for now.

      And may your poor rabbit rest in peace! When the boys are 7 if you need any type of dog advice, I’m there for you! Let’s make that creature live as long as possible!!!!!!!

      • Oh, sad for your girls over Snowball. That’s always tough for wee hearts. I use the kitchen table, too. Someday we’ll have our writing spaces again….alas for us, but hey–you work the heck out of that elliptical machine, so that’s good!
        Yes, poor Blackie…ah, that’s a story for another time…Pretty sure the stink of death was on my hands when we got ANOTHER rabbit. Bobby bit me any time I wanted to hold him, little turd. 😛
        YES–when it’s time for a doggie in this house, I will definitely be in touch! I mean, we’ll be talking loads for the next, um, three and some years and loads of years after, I should hope, but the doggie conversation can indeed wait a bit. 🙂
        Now, go back to enjoying those mountains while I refill my coffee tankard! xxxxx

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