Missing My Blogging Pals Soooooo Much!

Lucy & Dy Xmas

 Dyane and Lucy on Christmas Day, Alpine Valley

 Hello my friends!

I’m thinking of you while we’re in beautiful, snowy Alpine Valley. We’re staying in a small cabin called “The Munchkin” (the place lives up to its name!) with no internet connection. For those of you aware of my ‘net addiction, this is a definite challenge. I’m publishing this post at a “hot spot” in the Alpine Meadows parking lot – brrrrr!  It’s more like a freezing-cold spot.

What I miss the most about the internet is my daily dose of reading your blogs! I went from an hour a day, keeping current with your posts, to nothing. I remind myself that I can catch up when I return home. I’ve also been Facebook-free and Twitter-less, which has been much easier than I expected. I check email every few days as I’m expecting some work-related messages, but I stay online under five minutes instead of my usual….oh, I’m too embarrassed to tell you!

When it comes to changing schedules, even during a vacation, I get nervous about how my mood will be affected. Having a predictable schedule over the past sixteen months has been good for me. Up here without any concrete plans set in place, I’ve had anxiety in the mornings, which sucks. But thank God depression hasn’t struck; this is significant. I’ve been depressed in this idyllic area before, which shows that depression doesn’t care where you are or what the circumstances may be – it can descend when you least expect it.

A powerful tool that’s keeping my bipolar depression at bay is following the guidelines of my exercise hero, the psychiatrist Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan

(For specific details about what to do and why to do it, please read Dr. Alsuwaidan’s brief blog article at:


– please read it before the New Year! I don’t want to sound like a cult member, but this brilliant psychiatrist’s advice, which he follows himself, can change your life for the better!)

Each day I’ve walked on the steep, icy Alpine Valley roads for thirty minutes as recommended by Dr. Alsuwaidan. Yesterday a moderate snowstorm hit the area as I took off on my walk, and yes, I hesitated going, but the snow wasn’t falling that hard! I could always turn back. I’ve seen freaky athletes running on these treacherous icy roads, so if they can run, I can walk. I wore good cold weather gear, and I went my merry way. It was actually fun to walk in the freshly fallen snow, a gorgeous, peaceful sight! Every day that I’m able to stick to my exercise routine I feel that I accomplished something positive. Moreover, I feel more grounded, and alert.

Yesterday I took the girls ice skating at Northstar’s rink while Craig hiked with Lucy in the snow. I noticed a couple of pre-teens clutching their i-Phones on the rink. They stared at their phones instead of ahead of them. Talk about not being present for the experience! I felt sorry for them. There was also the danger factor, as some speedy skaters circled the rink who gave me the impression that they wouldn’t care that much about colliding with a tween glued to her phone. I don’t have a fancy phone but even if I did, I’d put it away on that rink. I had my two girls to protect as well as myself!

Taking a break from staring at my computer screen to keep track of Facebook status updates and tweets is resoundingly healthy for me. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve derived an enormous amount of pleasure, education (yes!) and more from social media. I had simply gotten too enmeshed in it. When I get home, I plan to reduce the amount of time I spend online once and for all because I’ve proved to myself that I can do it without spontaneously combusting.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Solstice, Kwanza, Hanukkah or whatever holiday you celebrate. I’ll post next year (next weekend, ha ha) to let you know if I’ve suffered internet withdrawal symptoms yet. I’ll reply to any comments made here and on my previous post after I go home. In the meantime, take good care of yourself.!



p.s.   If you haven’t had a chance to read my December International Bipolar Foundation blog post about my different take on exercise you can find it here:


p.p.s. I can’t help but lovingly nag/encourage you to start doing 30 minutes a day of exercise, especially if you have bipolar disorder. It’s my A.C.E.-certified personal trainer background emerging once again. If your depression is so bad that the idea of exercise makes you want to hurl, please put this info. in the back of your head for when you start feeling a little better.   If you can try to do 5 minutes (read Dr. Alsuwaidan’s blog post first about what/how to work out) and then build up from there, I’ll send you a little gift!

 p. p.p.s Visit the link copied below at my friend Kitt’s blog to listen to Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan’s International Society for Bipolar Disorders-sponsored webinar. It’s about eating chocolate to lose weight and gain muscle – just kidding! – it’s about exercise for mood disorders with the focus on bipolar. 

I can’t stand listening to webinars, but this one is worth taking the time! The second half is especially convincing as to why you should aim to work out for mood – listen for the part about using exercise as a “panacea” for bipolar disorder….


Avi and Ril

Rilla & Avi a.k.a. my munchkins in the Munchkin House


Avi & Lucy loving the snow!

(It’s nine-month-old Lucy’s first time in the snow and she’s having a blast!)


23 thoughts on “Missing My Blogging Pals Soooooo Much!

    • FINALY writing you back, lovely one! I’m so happy you saw that film!!!!! I hope you liked it!

      I almost took his wife’s yoga class at Squaw Valley the day after X-mas, as she is supposed to be an absolutely amazing yoga teacher. She has been quoted about how yoga has been such a hugely positive influence in her life for many years….but then I chickened out because (and I don’t mean to offend anyone with this) I dislike yoga. I have friends who are yoga teachers….I just can’t get into it. Plus I didn’t want to have to be there at 7:30 AM and pay a $17 drop-in. So I passed. Am I freak or what? 😉 XO

    • Hi August Sunrise! I hope you get my belated Happy New Year reply :))) Thanks so much for your nice comment – it made me smile.

      I was astounded that I did stick with my exercise during the trip. Believe me, I was tempted to give it up at times (I explain….) but a powerful incentive was having our dog Lucy with us the entire time. She needed her daly walks.

      Unfortunately those walks proved to be really stressful. I fell upon the icy roads hard and slipped on it too many times despite my wearing Sorel snow boots. I didn’t realize I needed spikes to dig into the ice – big whoops there! Even worse were the numerous unleashed aggressive dogs who roamed the neighborhood. Oh well. I definitely learned some lessons. Next time get spikes for the soles of my fancy boots so I don’t fall, and I’ll be more assertive in dealing with aggressive dogs and their owners – I don’t want to bring pepper spray, of course but there’s got to be something I can do…

      Sorry to go off!!!! I hope YOU are well and that you had a good holiday! I look forward to getting back in touch with you through your blog very soon.

      Take care and have a wonderful day!

  1. Enjoy the snow! Lucy looks like she is in heaven!!! I must admit that yesterday I was so exhausted, I did not exercise. Still have to get out and walk today.

    • A belated thank you for this comment, sweet Lady K!
      Special K! 😉

      Lucy had fun except for the interactions with the miscellaneous aggressive, unleashed dogs we encountered on every single walk. UGH! I’m still wrapping my head around that one….I need your advice about what I can do the next time we go there.

      Re: exercise
      I know some days you feel so incredibly drained that exercise is a big, ‘ol NO. However, somehow by the Grace of God, even when I’ve wanted to pass because I felt so pooped, I forced myself on the elliptical, and I felt better. I didn’t think I would feel better – that’s the truth. But I did. So the thought of that keeps me going on the days when I am tempted to skip it. I’m not talking about being bona fide ill, like stomach woes, or a cold in which there’s chest congestion/fever, or a joint injury, when that happens I WILL skip a workout!

  2. Hi D,

    I am missing my e-family too and am at least happy to be reading others’ posts right? I spent the Christmas eve and say home alone but that was a first and treasured time! I appreciated the calm and contemplated on the way forward; well if l would still be around you know
    One of my resolutions ( yes ahead of the new year) is that l’ll take easy on my ‘blogging routine’. Although l love writing and posting, the pressure l sometimes feel to keep up to and even schedule posts for two weeks ahead just in case depression or whatever comes pay an unwelcome visit, has had a toll. I am thinking of goimg routineless and on the spur for a change. Reading more of others’ posts than answering comments on mine u know! As for fb and T, l had found a healthy balance long ago though that too was tough! Ok too long a comment, enjoy your muchkins in the Munchkin!

    • I’m so glad you had that sacred alone time, Marie. I’ve done that before with Thanksgiving and I liked being alone…

      Once again, I love this comment of yours – you get it. You understand the stress and juggling that comes with blogging, Facebook and Twitter. Ooooh, I want that healthy balance SO bad!!!!!!! You give me hope….

      To go routineless sounds brave to me, and I am eager to see if you decide to take that leap and how it goes….I have a very strong feeling that what you set your mind to do this year will happen. I’ve been told that I have a special double Pisces intuition, so there’s some truth behind my prediction! 😉 I send you joy, peace, success, love and calm this year!

      • I claim it oh! And u see sweet l discovered reblogging was so cool to both sides! It cheered me that l share and it cheers the one who took all that time to write u know! Yep l am getting ready and as for blogging, l want to do this 2 year without schedules and mandatory structures l set myself last year. Indeed we’ll see how it goes hmm! 😍

    • It was….and it wasn’t, sweet Vic. You understand. You know that’s how life goes. See above for my reply to WiL for a few brief details! 😉

    • A belated thanks for this kind comment, WiL.

      The trip was mixed, as all vacations are, I guess. I didn’t write about a lot of the bad stuff (i.e. an injury that happened to one of my girls when she was on a sled; she’s fine now, thank God. Plus we were all sick with bad colds/coughs most of the trip!) as my Mom reads my blog and I didn’t want to worry her. We didn’t have great cell phone reception where we stayed at, and I wasn’t in regular contact with her as I usually was.

      Even though Mom reads this blog, I’m going to still “speak my truth” and she knows that!!!

      I hope that your holidays went well – I’m catching up with reading 2 weeks worth of blog posts that I missed, so I hope to read some of yours. Take care, dear one.
      (((hugs)))) as always

  3. It looks like I should be taking my cues from you. Exercise and less time on the internet?! Sounds smart. 😉 I’ve been meaning to do these things for the longest time.

    • Hi Sarah! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by – I’m sorry I took so long to reply. I’m finally catching up today now that my girls are back in school.

      I think most people who use the internet would admit they spend too much time on it! So small decreases are definitely awesome – nothing drastic is needed. My going from (WAAAAY) too much Facebook/Twitter/other internet surfing to none at all was very difficult/extreme, and much more stressful than I expected.

      My goal is to gradually return to using Facebook, but in a more structured way. Doesn’t that sound so neat & tidy? 😉 Easier said than done, ha ha! We shall see! I’ll keep you posted about how this truly pans out.

      take good care and I wish you a great week! Dy

      • Hey, no worries about the late reply!

        Yeah, I spend WAY too much time online. I really need to get on that, get out of the house more. Definitely keep us posted on how it turns out! I wish you luck. 😉

        Have a great week as well.

  4. Marie, like you, although l love reading, writing and posting on facebook, the pressure l sometimes feel to keep up is a problem for me. But I don’t think I’ll ever want to go “cold turkey.” We moved here 14 years ago after we retired and it’s been very, very hard making close friends. Since I’ve been participating on facebook, I no longer feel so lonely and disconnected. I’ve gradually gotten the better of my depression and I’m so thankful.

    • Dear Star, happy belated New Year! I’m back from my 2 week break from Facebook and I haven’t returned to it yet in full force. I think I will be happiest with (a lot) less time on Facebook, but not a complete departure. I am so glad that Facebook helps you feel less lonely and disconnected – that’s worth its weight in gold right there! 🙂

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