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Good Monday morning, everyone,  how are you?

This past week I’ve gotten off to such a slooooow start in the mornings.  If it wasn’t for the roaring LifeFlight rescue helicopter I heard at 5:00 a.m. (we live across the street from its landing field) I wouldn’t be up right now.

The time change threw me off, which I expected, but I still hoped it wouldn’t affect me to the extent that it did.  Despite using my cheery Sunbox light as soon as I get up, I resemble a cast member from the film “Dawn of the Dead”.  I kind of look like this fellow, but with long brown hair.

imagesIt ain’t a pretty sight!

I suspect another culprit for my sluggification is the change of seasons.  I’m simply not a cold-weather gal; I was born and bred in balmy, 70 degree Los Angeles for heaven’s sake.  Although I still live in California, it gets very chilly up here.

Adding to the fun is the advent of “Leak Week”.  As my husband lovingly told me the other day, our bed looked like the setting of a hunting accident.  A visit from Auntie Flo always makes me tired.  (Sorry for T.M.I., but please believe me, this post could be much worse.)  

Case in point:

I’ve been trying harder to be healthy in order to boost my energy level.  I work out almost daily on my elliptical and  I usually get enough sleep.  While I take lithium, tranylcypromine and quetiapine, all notorious for causing fatigue, I haven’t made any med changes up to now.  

But I’m still exhausted.

I need to reduce my sugar intake, as I know that causes “sugar crashing” and I eat too much of it. It seems like there’s always something new, sugary and tempting that hooks me in.  The latest product is Marley’s One Drops with Jamaican coffee.  I could rhapsodize all day about how tasty these One Drops are. (I don’t work for the Marley Beverage Company, LLC.  I’m not being paid to advertise for them – I wish!  I could use a little cash to buy a new laptop.)  

Anyway, apart from that, I promised to report on how the book writing is going.  I’ve been plugging away.  It helps immensely to have a virtual writing mentor in Wendy K. Williamson (bestselling author of “I’m Not Crazy Just Bipolar” and “Two Bipolar Chicks Guide to Survival”). Wendy holds me accountable.  Moreover, she truly understands the challenges of writing a bipolar-themed memoir.  But as wonderful as she is, Wendy can’t write my book for me.  She’s writing two or three of her own books at the moment, and promoting her most recent book “Two Bipolar Chicks Guide to Survival” so she’s a bit busy.

If any of you have energy-boosting tips, I’d love to read about them.  Also, if you’re participating in “NaNoWriMo”  (National Novel Writing Month, an annual writing project in which writers complete a novel in a measly month!) I want to know how the hell you do it, especially if you have young children running around your house.  

I wish you all an energy-infused week in which you make progress on the creative projects close to your heart.  

take care & thanks for reading as always,


Bobs #2

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55 thoughts on “Groggylicious

  1. I feel you. I keep looking at the screen, thinking “Ok you can type now” However my body is like just go back to bed. It took a couple of days for everyone to adjust to the time change here. Honestly that Monday I felt hungover. Plus my younger son is back to not sleeping through the night again. I will get something out today. Maybe.

    By the way I admire your bravery for attempting a writing a book. I keep seeing things for NaNo and I think maybe next month. For the last six months….. lol

    • Hi my dear! I know you understand what it’s like to be tired like this. (I wish you didn’t!!) I got a regular lithium level/vitamin D blood test done last week, and I’m hoping all checks out okay. I’m not *too* worried, but I can’t be smug about it either!

      I’m sorry you felt hungover on Monday! It’s hard enough when it’s just you to take care of, but when you have little cuties demanding food, this and that, well, it’s a bit of shitstorm!

      I hope you get some writing done today and that your younger son returns to sleeping through the night beginning TONIGHT!

      I’m not sure if you subscribe to the blog “The Scarlet B” by Raeven. She also runs the Bipolar Bloggers Network – I can’t remember if you are on it; if not, I encourage you to apply. She did the Naoioiomoooo moo or whatever in 2012 and won the damn thing! Amazing! Here’s the link:

      • Thank you for your words of encouragement. Unfortunately as you may remember, when they are that little they think they are their own bosses.

        I hope your labs come back good. I remember always feeling on edge with the results. Wondering if I was going to have to adjust again.

        I will definitely have to look up this Raeven lady.

  2. Yes, please check out the home page at that link. You’ll recognize other bloggers on the list and you should be there!!! She explains how to apply – she sometimes takes a while to get back to you, but I promise you that she will. And it might not hurt to let her know I referred you! :)))

  3. I love those damn energy drinks, like Amp. They’re like heroin! Very addictive. I think there’s a bit of sugar in them 😉 Have a great week, my friend!! ❤

    • Oh yeah, baby, there’s more than a bit ‘o sugar in ’em! The One drops regular are just coffee, milk and sugar sugar sugar. I should probably watch “Fed Up” every weekend to remind about what I’m doing, eh? ;)))))

      Never tried Amp but I had a Red Bull phase…

      sending you hugs, honey – I’ll read your new post tonight. In the meantime I tweeted it, Facebooked it, and, of course, liked it!
      xoxoxoxoxo smooches!

    • And *you’re* Mr. Healthy Guy!!! 😉 Thanks for coming clean about the jumbo coffee! You could always add a few trips up and down those Santa Monica Stairs if they’re still there and available to fitness aficionados…that would wake anyone up.

      p.s. big congrats on meeting your goal with Kickstarter – I’m so glad I contributed to it, even though it wasn’t as much as I would like!!!!

  4. I am not a morning person, never have been. Unfortunately I have a job that requires me to be up by 5:15am. I wish I could give you some words of wisdom but unfortunately I simply just gut it out and try to make it through the first few hours.

    • Hey there Magnificent Vic! (You’re never plain in my mind! 😉

      I used to open a gym five days a week at 5:30 a.m. Granted, that was before bipolar and meds entered my life and I was fit as a fiddle! Not to mention a hell of a lot younger.

      I have a feeling that a med adjustment might be in order with the quetiapine, & I just emailed my pdoc about it. At least I don’t drink anymore – it has been over a year now since I quit.

      Hoping that things are going much better for you & I’m sending positive energy your way….as always, (((hugs)))

  5. When I read your stuff, Dyane, it buoys me up to realize I’m not alone but it makes me sad to see so many of us suffering without finding a way to having the stability and energy we need to live our lives the way we’d like to.

    • No, Star, you are not alone! But don’t lose hope! While I’m obviously not where I want to be right now, I’m 100% better than where I was just a few years ago. If that can happen, then I don’t see why things can’t improve from this point on. The trick is to be proactive…easier said than done, eh?

      Life will always be a struggle. I’m told the Dalai Lama gets stressed out. If you’re human, prepare to suffer on a steady basis. But it doesn’t have to be all suffering, thank God.

      I had the gift of a precious, quiet hour to lay down this morning in a pool of sunlight after getting the kids to school. I cuddled with Lucy puppy on the bed, even though she’s not supposed to be on the bed. Then I took a shower and both the rest and the shower really helped me in terms of shifting energy. Little things can help so much. I feel a lot clearer now!

      Thanks for reading and for writing – I appreciate it.
      Take care, Star!!!

  6. I wish I knew of some energizing tips! I could use some myself, as I’m totally off caffeine.
    Funny thing – I happen to live about a block away from a hospital helipad, so I totally get where you’re coming from.

    • That is SO SO good you are off the caffeine! I’ve been caffeine-free (during two pregnancies) which now amazes me.

      Yes, as you live near the hospital’s helipad you totally understand what it’s like to hear them land and take off. Usually the flights happen during the day or evening. It’s rare for them to happen in the early morning. My two girls slept through it, though – lucky them! 🙂

      After I wrote my post I cuddled with Lucy puppy for an hour. I felt guilty to lay down during the day (I have bad memories of that during the depression years) but this was sheer fatigue, not depression. Still, I don’t like doing it!! Anyway, after that I took a shower and I feel way better. But it’s not always possible to shower and/or slug out in bed to get energy. Hence the quest continues! Let me know if you discover a magic potion or tool!!!!! And thanks for your comment – it’s always great hearing from you.

  7. I don’t know how people do it, either. I keep thinking about participating in NaNoWriMo, but then realizing that I’ll just disappoint myself so I chicken out.

    • hey lovely T!
      Nice to hear from you!!!

      Yeah, well….this will sound like sour grapes, but I wonder ‘how good can these novels truly be?’ if they are frantically written in a month.

      I do “know” one of the participants (Raeyn of “The Scarlet B”) who is a talented writer. I found out a couple days ago that she actually won the competition in 2012! I haven’t read her book, but her achievement suggests that a good novel can be pounded out at that pace.

      All I can say is that I’d rather be reading a novel in a month than writing a novel in a month ’cause I’m lazy!!!!!

  8. I sometimes think I’m reptilian because I’m so slow to start! Also, as grown-ups, there’s no such thing as TMI. I have always struggled with lethargy and PMS during ‘aunt Flo’s’ visits, and once I’m done breastfeeding I will again. I also go through cycles of ‘I’m giving up junk and sugars!’, but it always ends in a delicious binge/sugar coma. I wish you good luck in finding your energy during these cold months!!

    • Thanks for the luck – I need it! I just had a lovely half pint of double chocolate gelato – how can something so divinely delicious be so bad? I guess the proverb “moderation in all things” is the most realistic way for me to be in terms of sugar right now. Really connected with your latest post and will return there to leave a comment. It’s like you read my mind and write the things I’m not brave enough to state for the record! 😉

      Take care, oh sage one!

  9. Boy, there are no easy answers to a med-induced energy crisis. Things I have done that each had their place, I don’t do them all now: my husband brought me coffee in bed (he liked my second income in the household), (you may be too med sensitive for this) Adderall five days a week…alternated with Nuvigil two days a week or I went into a baby mixed state, setting alarm to take meds in time for them to work by time real alarm went off, screening for sleep apnea which I had a severe case of (pdoc before current one said lithium is bad for that), elimination diet of some sort like paleo autoimmune, GAPS (in the end, gut dysbiosis and food allergies seem to be ground zero for me), and I also do supplements from Mensah Medical. For a mom, the fatigue is the worst! Good luck, I know you are working and writing hard!

    • Thank you so much, Kathy! It’ll get better – I have hope…Working out really helps me recharge even when I’m drop-dead tired, and revamping what I eat will help too. I feel a lot more motivated now. I’m on a mission! :)))

    • Yes, it is!!!!! I tried their medium roast (I think) and it was sooo tasty, plus they give some of the proceeds to their charity that does good work, so it’s a win/win. (I hate cliches but that one is hard to beat!) Thinking of you and hope that your call with the pdoc goes well. xoxo

    • I’m one to talk. I’m in a perma-trance. Reducing even a very small amount of quetiapine (a.k.a. Seroquel) is affecting me. I’ve been told this kind of thing can happen; I’m waiting to hera back from my pdoc for his two cents.

      You had a long & intense day of workshops on Sunday, complete with a bit of a drive back and forth to the venue. I’d be wiped out for days after such an event. So… you’re allowed to miss a few blog posts!

      *Thanks* for reading/commenting/liking/ tweeting!
      a.k.a. rclt.
      Not very catchy, is it? I need a vowel in there!

  10. Reblogged this on Kitt O'Malley and commented:
    This time of year can be difficult for those of us with mood disorders. The recent time change made what the clock says is the late afternoon now the dark of night. My dogs know it is the night-time. They are not fooled by our clocks. Seasonal affective disorder now kicks in. Our bodies are affected by fewer hours of sun, overcast skies, and colder temperatures. As the outside temperatures cool, we just want to cocoon and crawl back under the covers. Granted, it is not so cool here in southern California, but even going from the 90’s to the 60’s has a significant effect on mood. Dyane Harwood describes how the time change and Fall season affects her in her latest blog post. Read on.

    • Thanks so much for your comment, whennothinggoeswrite (love that name btw) – please be compassionate with your mom! :)))

      There are all kinds of wackadoodle microclimates in this state. In the Santa Cruz Mountains, most residents up here buy plenty of wood to get through Nov.-Feb. It gets butt-ass cold and even snows in the valley where I live. I think many people tend to think that the entire state of California is the place for “Baywatch”-esque weather year-round. Ironically I grew up 5 minutes from the beach where they filmed that cheesy show! I don’t think I’ve ever watched a single episode, ha ha!

      Take care and wherever you live, I hope you (and your mom) stay nice and cozy during the winter!

    • I think I’ll make my kids watch “Baywatch” when they deserve a punishment instead of be allowed to be glued to the tube watching their usual “EvilBob” or “Octonauts”…..hmmmm, maybe I shouldn’t do that. They’re only 7 & 9 & I’d probably get reported…

      p.s. you made me laugh with the “it’s never too late to watch Baywatch”!!!!! Tempting, but my I.Q. is already low and would probbaly plummet after watching David Hasselhoff rescue a supermodel, or a dolphin or a shark or whatever else he rescued on that show! 😉

      • According to several online articles of which I made up, Baywatch has actually been shown to increase your IQ…by one point, which may not seem like much but really means the difference between you knowing when to use it’s versus its. You should make your kids listen to NPR as punishment. That will really show em!

  11. I hope you’re feeling better now, Dyane!

    One thing about NaNoWriMo. Most novels aren’t really “completed” in a month. It’s a rough, rough first draft that MUST be edited and rewritten–even if it’s a really good first draft. Agents dislike getting queries in December with NaNo novels, because the books simply aren’t ready for submission and publication. No one’s seeing my first drafts. They’re too awful. 🙂

    • I’m doing a little better now, Laura – thanks! 🙂 And that’s helpful to know about NaNoWriMo!

      p.s. I bet your first drafts aren’t THAT bad!!!!!! 😉 While I know that everyone’s first draft needs a lot of work, even the “greats” – your work rises above soooo much of what’s out there. You’re an excellent writer!

      • Oh, they are that bad. It’s where I get all the ridiculous, awkward, say whaaaat?! things out onto paper. It’s also where characters show up and change the course of the novel, where I discover the backstory and voice and emotions of the main characters, and figure out what doesn’t work. In other words, it’s exciting and frightening at the same time.

  12. Great post, and obviously I’m behind on my blog reading. I also struggle this time of year. It’s cold and I just want to hibernate. And throw in Aunt Flow — well, I’m about as worthless as they come. I live in Coastal Georgia and the weather is typically warm, but it’s been quite unpredictable this year. Last week and most of this week the highs were in the 80s, but today is just plain frigid. I sent my kids to school in shorts with warm hoodies and they came in complaining about how cold it was — and naturally we had no clean pants. I assured them it would warm up, but after they went to school I checked the weather and I don’t think it’s going to get much warmer. Sigh… Better prepare myself for the dirty looks I’m gonna get in the pick-up line for being a neglectful mother. Lows are gonna be in the 30s this weekend. I need the climate to resemble something more COASTAL in nature. Thank you very much!

    • I’m always happy when I spot that you’ve commented on one of my posts. Through being an avid reader of your blog, I know you are a busy bee! ;))) You’re not just sitting around eating bons bons, that’s for sure.

      You’re a *great* mom, and if anyone else in the carpool line gave you a dirty look then I am placing a belated curse upon her/him! It’s so strange to go from having the weather be in the 80’s to brrrrrrrrr.

      Anyway, I know it has been difficult for you lately despite the fact that things are going well, and I’m inspired by your taking action in reconnecting with Eve, etc. I hope you have a positive breakthrough really soon, dear Grief Happens, and that you’re able to pinpoint what’s going on with Eve’s guidance/perspective. (She sounds like an excellent therapist. I was impressed with her brief email that discussed a bit about what she thought was going on.)

      take good care!!

  13. Oh how much do we all love that time change!!! Gah! Good to know (although sorry it’s messing with you) that I’m not the only one that is still lagging. Along woth everything else…. grrrr. Love your site! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • How funny – when you were posting this comment here, I was over at *your* blog doing the same thing. I’m happy to be a new follower of yours, and I already LOVE your Bassett Hound Paisley. The photo you posted of him today…I can’t find the best words to describe his expression but I’ll start with “adorable” and “precious” and of course “soulful”. I’m so glad you have him to love! Stay tuned on my blog, as you will inevitably see some photos of my wily, spirited, aggressive-but-lovable American Collie mix puppy Lucy. :))

      take care!!

      • That is tooooo funny!!! I get some crazy expression from the P-dog! I am anxiously awaiting signs of Lucy. I did see a pic on your about page, but look forwar to more!!!!

  14. Ahhh, your morning pic made me smile! I resemble that level of grogginess in the morning. Great reminder to bring out the sun lamp. These shorter, darker, cooler days are definitely more challenging.

    • I’m glad you liked that morning pic! I should really get a check from Marley Coffee for all the free advertising I’m doing for them on Facebook and here. :))) If I do get some moola, (yeah, right! ) I’ll take you out to lunch!

      At least the sun came out today and it was so beautiful. I spent 1/2 the day with Rilla doing errands. I got a Dirty Paws (Polar Bear ice cream) shake at Betty’s Burgers. It was so nice to be in the fresh air and sit in the sunshine, and it definitely perked me up. (the sunshine and the chocolate!) Unfortunately I can’t have a Dirty Paws shake every day as much as I would like. I’d balloon up to 200 pounds by Jan. 1st! :0

      Thanks for reading – it’s good to see you back here! I’ll be posting another update tomorrow and it’s only 400 words. I’m keeping posts short from now on!

  15. LOL I’ve been having energy crashes, too! Are we on some sort of parellel dimension where I’m just shy of two years behind on everything you do?!

    But I will say–unless I already did, so then I guess I’m saying it again–that one way I try to combat energy crashes is with mango. It’s one of the few fruits my sons regularly eat, so we always have some in the freezer. a bowl of mango, and I usually, USUALLY, perk up…unless, like you, I’m dealing with a visit from Aunt Flo. Then absolutely nothing gets me past “groggilicious” until after the visit has passed…yes, even THREE pots of coffee do nothing. Ugh.

    • You are so funny! And it continues to tickle me all shades of pink that you’re reading the older posts; again, I’m honored! Okay…! I love mango and we’ve gotten countless bags of it (frozen chunks) from Trader Joe’s.

      I haven’t had any mango (fresh, frozen, or dried) in a while so I’m going to give it a go – a MAN-GO! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! This is after just 2 cups of coffee. ☕️ Scary, eh?
      I’ll let you know how it goes….I mean MAN-goes!
      heeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! 🙀
      🍍(Alas, there are no mango emojis, so I guess pineapple is the next best thing!)

      • Oh…wow…maybe two cups of coffee is too much for you in the morning 😛 kidding! But yes, I do recommend using mango for an energy boost. I really haven’t felt that kind of impact after other foods, including sugary delights, so I do hope you give it a go! xxxxxxx

      • I now shall call you Jean “Mango Mama” Lee. Not! 😉 I’m going to buy a fresh, organic mango this weekend and let you know what happens…..(cue spooky music – you pick out the composer!) 🎼

      • I couldn’t possibly pick anything but the opening theme to “Midsomer Murders!” Here’s hoping there’s no dead body in your grocer’s freezer… 😛

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