Blogosphere Angels: Kitt O’Malley & Glenn Archibald


While brainstorming for today’s topic, I wanted to focus on something resoundingly positive to counter disturbing events that have occurred in my town this past week.  I’m posting today rather than my usual Monday so you can check out these positive resources sooner rather than later!

But first, here’s a bit of a backstory…

On Wednesday I woke up, uber-groggy as usual, and over a cup of coffee I checked out my Facebook newsfeed.  My neighborhood’s Facebook group reported that a fatal car accident a few minutes down the street from my house had just occurred.  An hour later I received news that the high school where I taught received a threat of a mass shooting.  The FBI were involved and the school shut down for the day.  To add to the general sense of gloom I felt, the weather was rainy, foggy and cold.  While we’ve definitely needed the rain, the grim weather was not my cup of tea!

Today, Friday, I wanted to counter the negativity that I’ve felt increasing since Wednesday.  I pondered about what has consistently uplifted my spirit.  I wanted to share whatever came to mind in this blog so you could benefit too!  The answer came while I brushed my teeth: I wanted to write about how the bloggers Kitt O’Malley of California and Glenn Archibald of Australia have helped me this past year.  

When I became a consistent blog reader,  I noticed that a fellow named Glenn Archibald and I followed many of the same blogs.  His cheery gravatar that accompanied his comments popped up on practically everything in my Reader.  I also spotted that Glenn almost always left a compassionate, helpful reply on those blog posts.  The comments weren’t usually that lengthy, but every single one was heartfelt.  

I kept thinking, “I wish I had someone like that reading my blog.  I should start following Glenn’s blog; hopefully then he’ll read mine and comment away!” but I was lazy, and for some silly reason I kept putting such a simple thing off.  

Thank God Glenn was proactive, for he noticed that we were fans of the same bloggers and he began following “Birth of a New Brain”.  At last, I located his “Glenn 2.0: Opinions on Life, the Universe and Mental Things” blog, and pressed “follow”.  Despite the thousands of miles between us we’ve developed a lovely internet friendship.  I never know what topics to expect from Glenn 2.0 – this is quite a diverse blog. His life story (like all of yours) is profoundly inspiring, (and like most of you) he lives with a mental illness.  He has a unique, clear writing style all his own, and it’s easy for me to follow whatever he expounds on even if they’re about subjects I’ve never contemplated.  Thank you Glenn!

Kitt O’Malley has also been a truly amazing contributor to the blogosphere.  Like Glenn, she usually replies to almost any blog post she reads, and her comments have a certain depth and soulfulness to them.  I’ve often thought of Kitt as doing a “blogging ministry” so to speak because she has religious training and it’s beautifully clear that she wants to help others.  Kitt’s comments contain the utmost respect and empathy.  She designs her responses to help and encourage the many bloggers she follows. Kitt’s also honest and she won’t placate any blogger with useless platitudes.  Kitt is the best kind of follower to have, in my humble opinion.  

As an active mental health advocate who recently completed NAMI’s extensive Peer-t0-Peer Course, Kitt has a wealth of practical information to share with those living with bipolar disorder. She also disseminates mental health information through her blog, which covers a variety of topics apart from mental health. 

So there you have it.  Two awesome, inspiring bloggers in recovery, helping others who have bipolar disorder live better lives.  Here’s how to reach them:

Oh, I almost forgot to write, “Happy Thanksgiving!” my friends!!!  Take care next week, be extra-good to yourselves, and try to take a little time out for yourself amidst all the hubbub.  

(Isn’t hubbub a great word?)




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