Waterfalls of the Freaky Kind



Last night as I readied myself for bed, all seemed calm in the Harwood household.  Craig & I tucked our daughter Avonlea into the top of our girls’ bunk bed.  It had been a long day, and I shuffled slowly away, zombie-like, while Craig & Lucy, our seven-month-old puppy, lingered behind.  

Craig leaned down to pick a shirt off the floor.

Suddenly I heard a retching sound.  I looked across the room at Avonlea and saw a waterfall emanating from her mouth onto Craig’s back AND all over Lucy’s luxuriant fur.

It was a Linda Blair-esque moment.  

After my initial shock and repulsion, I took my poor girl’s gush in stride.  I cleaned up the mess right away without even griping.  For the record, being around vomit makes me want to do the same, but I kept my dinner down where it belonged.  We all lucked out because there was no repeat hurling the rest of the night.

Lucy reeked, however.  Her thick fur is multi-layered, so she soaked up the fluid like a highly absorbent sponge.  Unfortunately I was far too tired to stick her in the tub for a quick wash.  (There is no “quick wash” with a super-energetic puppy!)

Between the lithium, the MAOI Parnate, and the Seroquel that I take nightly (topped off with the beginnings of a nasty cold) I was more than ready to collapse into bed.

Today I’m taking Avonlea to our pediatrician.  Apart from the waterfall incident, we suspect she could possibly have strep throat.  Poor stinky Lucy will require a thorough bath and since I’m sick, I’ll have to work extra-hard to summon the energy to just do it.


Dy & Avi

 Avonlea in healthier times and her exhausted Mom

Due to my hateful cough,I’m at the gruesome hour of 4:00 a.m. this morning.  I had a burst of coffee-induced energy, but now I’m fading fast, so this will not be a 1742 word post like the last one.  

Please believe me when I tell you that I knew in my heart that my last post was WAY too long.  I could have (and should have) cut it in half.  (Thanks, Mom, for pointing that out to me during our last phone conversation!)  My excuse for that egregious error is that while writing the post on the cusp of my cold, I ran out of writerly steam and I didn’t edit the way I normally would.  

I ask for your forgiveness and I’ll try not to do it again. 😉

THANKS, by the way, for your wonderful replies to my last post “The Queen of Mediocrity” – I appreciated your supportive & insightful comments more than you know!

have a great weekend,


p.s. This weekend I’m getting my Halloween costume ready.  I’m going to be a RED PEN at Avonlea’s suggestion!  She astutely observed my overzealous nature when correcting her homework and she thought I’d be a great red pen!  What will you be?


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18 thoughts on “Waterfalls of the Freaky Kind

  1. Hi Dyane – You don’t have to apologize for your post being too long or not editing it as you usually would but if you think it was too long, you can make appropriate adjustments going forward 🙂

    PS – That is a beautiful picture of you and you’re daughter. I hope one day I have children of my own.

    • Thanks so much for your comment & sweet compliment about the photo, insanely confused! I hope you have children too – while yes, it’s hard being a mom (especially with bipolar) I love my rug rats so much and can’t imagine my life without them! Once in a while I’ve been asked if I would still have them if I knew I had bipolar (I wasn’t diagnosed until weeks after my second and last child was born) and the answer is a resounding yes.

      I could go back and edit my last post, yes – but I’m lazy though! When reading others’ blogs I usually like something between 500-1000 words simply because I subscribe to a LOT of blogs! 😉 But if a post is super-long and I’m into it, I’ll stick around ’til the end.

      Once again, thanks for reading, and I hope you have a non-freaky Friday!

      take care,

  2. In reading blogs, for me the issue is never length, but readability. If the blog text is in a strange or very small font or is white text on a black background or long paragraphs without enough white space, it’s more difficult to read on a screen. I don’t have that problem here! 🙂

    I tend to be long-winded, and though I try to edit down to 700-800 words, I never quite make it. I just scheduled a slightly-over 1000 word post for Monday. Sigh.

    I hope you and your daughter get better soon!

    • Laura, how funny…I figured out that I was thinking about you the very moment you wrote your comment here. A few minutes ago I opened up your blog post and had it ready for me to read, but only as a reward if I went and took my shower! 😉

      On my way to shower, I quickly glanced at my laptop on the table. My email was open and saw a notification of your comment & couldn’t resist reading that.

      I agree that if the blog text is hard to read or formatted in a non-eye-friendly way, I struggle reading it.

      I think long-winded writers are awesome! 😉 Hee hee hee.

      Thanks for your well wishes and you’ll “see” me over at your blog when I’m nice & clean! have a great weekend!!!


  3. Oooh poor everybody. What a nightmare!

    I think this year I’ll be a weary statistician who falls asleep on the sofa even while a really awesome movie is on.

    • You sure got a laugh out of me for your original costume!!! I’m sorry you’ve been working so hard and hope the workload lightens up so you can do more of the Open Mic nights!!!! 😉 Take care – thanks for stopping by & brightening up my morning.

  4. Matthew (my kid) threw up at our allergist appointment Thursday. Since then, we’ve all been sick. I’ve managed to keep down my food, mostly by limiting it. It sucks to be sick.

    • You poor gal! I just wrote a comment on your blog in response to your family getting hit by the bug; again, I’m really sorry you’ve all been sick. It must not have been a picnic for your son to throw up at the allergist’s of all places. 😦 Ugh. It certainly does suck to be sick. I’m glad you’re on the mend.
      p.s. I missed my Kitt O’Malley Twitter fix yesterday and I had a feelin’ you were under the weather. I wish I had been wrong about that!

  5. I wish Avonlea is feeling better soon. I hope your trip to the doc is well. I really missed out on reading your blogs, it has been little weird around my brain. you know how messed up bipolar brains can get. You will always be in my prayers and my thoughts. give my love to both girls and tell avonlea that she will be okay cz m praying for her….love…xoxooxo

    • Thanks so much Z – have been wondering about you and then boom! I see that you published a blog post so I’m anxious to read it and catch up with what’s going on in your life! I’m so sorry it has been weird for you – I understand that since I go through my own kind of weirdness often. (As you know!) Sending you love, hugs, and light & I’ll be sure to comment on your blog. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox always, Dyane

  6. It’s neat, taking these walks back into the past. It reminds me of the night when my son vomited three times, of course all over his blanket, which he MUST have to sleep, so we had to constantly spot wash or just wash on high while I sobbed painfully on his daddy’s lap. Ugh.
    Still. Washing a blanket is not the same as washing a puppy, so I can understand how wearying that must have been. 🙂

    • This is so funny – I’ve totally forgotten this incident and reading it again made me laugh.
      I didn’t laugh when I read your comment about your sobbing, however! 😦
      Hope whatever you’re up to right now, you’re enjoying your evening. I selected “Little Women” to tbe #1 on my Netflix queue – thanks for the inspiration!

      • I’m exhausted this evening, but fine. Grading college freshmen essays is a draining business. 🙂 While you enjoy “Little Women,” I’ve got to rewatch the film version of “The Name of the Rose” for one more Eco post and get my Connery on. 😛 Glad I gave you the giggles!

      • When I was taking undergrad education classes/teaching internships towards earning my teaching credential (which I didn’t complete – I wimped out and only got an emergency credential so I could sub) I thought grading junior & senior high essays was bad enough! Can’t imagine grading college work – your reputation has gone up a new notches!

        Enjoy Bond, James Bond in “The Name of the Rose” – he’s easy on the eyes, that one! The murders…..not so much! 😉

        p.s. Could you imagine them casting John Nettles instead of Connery? Our Chief Inspector Barnaby was very handsome in his younger years, but he was not quite right for that role. Connery has a wee bit more gravitas, if that makes any sense, although God knows his sense of humor is strong too.

      • Oh that’s RIGHT, he was considered, wasn’t he? I’ll have to watch some of his earlier stuff someday. You’re right about Nettles–he’s got this lovely sparkle in his eyes that shine with kindness. People with that sparkle have a hard time being villains, and those without the sparkle have a hard time being good. When Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings was being cast, I know Christopher Lee was keen to play Gandalf–he had been friends with Tolkien, after all. But I’m glad they went with Ian McKellan, because McKellan has that sparkle in his eye, and Lee did not. NOT to say anything against Lee–the world lost the baddest of the bad asses when he died. 😦 But I do think there’s a limitation upon an actor when their faces can’t help but emote positive feelings.

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