14 thoughts on “It Might Be the Sugar Talking, but I Love You Guys!

    • I’m very moved that you took a moment, Vic, to let me know you’re there while you’re going through such a challenging time. (((hugs))) you are in my thoughts!

    • Oh my feisty friend, you are sooooo right – we are two seriously feisty gals! I finally got a chance to read your latest blog post, and frankly, I couldn’t imagine you and that table!

      I’ve been known to throw a thing or two around here, but at least not at anyone. We have a deck overlooking the redwoods where I can really throw things *hard* and far into the forest, but then again, that’s littering – yikes – and I could possibly kill a squirrel with the force of my throw, or even hurt a deer. On a much brighter note (much!) Prayers are headed your way…belated but heartfelt. And I I love you too!

  1. Lucy might just be the furriest writing muse I’ve seen! So sweet. 🙂

    On a side note, a while ago a blogger I followed posted things “written” by his dog, from his dog’s perspective on life and his owner, etc. It was interesting. Would your Lucy want to do that, too? You never know what insights a doggie muse might have!

    • Thank you sooo much, Laura, for your lovely words about my furry muse. I will ask “her” how she feels about writing a blog! 😉 The blog you mentioned sounds very entertaining!

      Actually, come to think of it, my girls watch an insipid Nick show called “Dog with a Blog” – have you seen it? In all honesty I’ve been known to watch it when I’m really bored. The dog is cute, but his voice bugs me. There was one episode that was hilarious, I’ll admit that.

      Hope this finds you well and I’m very, very behind in reading all my blogs, so I’ll be catching up with your latest over the next few days. Take care, my dear!


      • Oh, don’t worry about catching up on all my blog posts! I get so behind with blog-reading that I go sort-of nuts when I realize it, then have to eat chocolate and write fiction to cope with blog overload! 🙂

    • You crack me up!! I ***hate*** getting out of sync with my blog reading routine – I really do. I guess I’d rather have this problem than a bunch of others, but I need to deal with it better!

      At least you’re productive when you go through that blog overload and you actually write fiction – that’s truly incredible! I just do the “eating chocolate” part!!!! :0

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