I’ve been there, done that with the exception of not having had twins…but I tandem breastfed my newborn and toddler while experiencing postpartum mania and hypergraphia! I was lucky enough to get pro bono medical advice from the brilliant Dr. Alice Weaver Flaherty, author of “The Midnight Disease” and who knew what hypergraphia was like. To this day I’m amazed that I took care of myself by tracking her down and convincing her assistant to have her call me…all while I was manic.

SuperMom Mentality


Oh my God, please help.
I cannot stop thinking.
I cannot stop talking.
I cannot stop typing.
I cannot stop writing.
I cannot turn off my mind.
I cannot turn down the volume.
I cannot sit still.
I cannot express what I feel.
I feel so agitated.
I feel so misunderstood.
I feel SO ignored.
Will someone please, please listen? Maybe I could just calm down if someone listened to me. I’m trying to express myself. Is anyone listening?
I’m writing.
I’m writing on the computer.
I’m writing on charts.
I’m writing on stickers.
I’m writing on Facebook.
I’m writing on Mommy forums.
I’m writing on the walls.
I’m writing in my prayer journal.
I’m writing on my hand.
I’m writing on labels.
I’m writing in baby books.
I’m writing on Post-its.
I’m writing on my front door.
I’m writing on my blog.
I’m writing signs.
I’m writing on to-do…

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3 thoughts on “Hypergraphia

  1. This comment has nothing to do with your post-sorry, BUT I was googling how to taper off lithium and I found a comment you left of Healingwell.com! It was the second link I opened!!! How random is that? I new it was you after I saw how you spell your name and mentioned your girls. Anyways, I thought I’d share that with you. I’m trying to get pregnant soon and need to get off my meds to do so. Anyways I was so thrilled to see that I knew who was giving some feedback on the subject. It’s pretty cool.

    • That is such a coincidence! I wonder what I wrote there (and I must admit, I’m a little scared to check it! But I will…) Since my tapering off lithium resulted in relapse & lengthy hospitalization, please please please be careful & make sure you work closely with your pdoc if you decide to taper!!!! To be honest with you , if I had been diagnosed with bipolar before my pregnancy, as opposed to right after childbirth, I would have stayed on lithium during the pregnancy despite the risks that have been studied and documented. We all make different choices of course and I could never judge another mom who decides to go off meds during pregnancy. I don’t mean to freak you out – please know that! You know how much I think you rock!I 🙂 Thanks for sharing with me, and keep up doing such a fabulous job with your daily posts during your challenge – I read them all!

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