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Avi on John Muir Trail w:Lucy

Avonlea and Lucy on the John Muir Trail


As we reach the end of our Tahoe vacation we’re celebrating Marilla’s seventh birthday. We just received a text from the girls’ Granny.  She told us to go out to dinner as a gift from her, so the family’s mood is upbeat.  The girls are discussing the kinds of cake they wish to order, which is obviously the priority when you’re about to turn seven. (And, I admit, my priority as well.)

It’s a lazy weekday afternoon and I’ve wasted the entire past hour trying to guess the password for the cabin’s internet connection.  Yes, it turns out there is internet access here in the Munchkin, but we don’t know the password. There’s no record of it to be found anywhere in the cabin. When Craig called the owner about it, she told us she wasn’t adept with computers, and she had no idea what the password was!  As we’ve had a good relationship with her for the past six years, he didn’t want to push the subject of the password.

I decided to create a “Guess the Password” game, trying out different Tahoe-themed phrases. (My personal favorite was “bear country”.) Surrounding homeowners’ wireless connections popped up on my Kindle screen, but they were all locked.  I knew that chances were one in a million that I’d guess the password, but stubborn me – I wanted to give it a shot nonetheless.  I’m sure the password is something I’d never imagine in a million years, so I’m done with my game!

As much as I miss my internet connection and cable television, I know in my heart that it continues to be in my best interest that I keep away from the net and other media during the aftermath of Robin Williams’ death.

Every few days we’ve stopped in front of a library to tap into a wireless connection so that my husband could do some work, but these pitstops have lasted for only a few minutes.   In that amount of time I hurriedly posted to my blog and checked my email.  I could have visited a coffee shop alone to catch up on emails, Facebook, blogs, etc.  I’ve been tempted to do that more than once, but it hasn’t felt like the right thing to do.  My intuition keeps telling impatient me to wait; we’ll be home soon enough.

I went for years not using Facebook, and I only began blogging regularly last December.  My life won’t fall apart from missing ten days of my online creature comforts.  

As I write this post, I’ve been glancing out the window to see if my bear “friend” has decided to swing by and give me another panic attack!  I’m sure Lucy would be less-than-thrilled to spot a live bear; I prefer to see bears via a nature documentary.

Craig and the girls headed out to their special swimming spot they’ve named “Icy Rock” on the Truckee River while Lucy and I hang out in the quiet Munchkin.  The inviting couch, which has a view of the stunning Alpine Valley mountainside pictured below, is the perfect place to stretch out and read a book.

Photo on 2011-07-28 at 09.00 #2 

Now that I’ve finished Jennifer Hentz Moyer’s sobering-yet-inspiring memoir “A Mother’s Climb Out of Darkness – A Story about Overcoming Postpartum Psychosis” (and postpartum bipolar disorder) I’m going to read something a little lighter in tone: “Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970’s” by Tom Doyle.  That’s what I’m going to enjoy until the door swings open and two very exuberant, soaked little girls will come in to tell me about their encounters with crawdads and ducks on the shores of the Truckee.

Long before the internet entered my life, my first love was reading a book.  It feels so good and luxurious to sink into my book and to stay there for a while without interruptions.  I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend an afternoon…except, perhaps, for some chocolate gelato.  It just happens that there’s a pint of Double Chocolate Talenti in the freezer, and it has my name written all over it!  (The rest of the family has the sense to know that Mommy’s gelato is hers and hers alone.)

Have a good Friday & weekend, and I’ll catch you on Monday!

take care,


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12 thoughts on “Tahoe Ramblings

  1. So wonderful to read from you! And, to think, you had wifi all along. Amazing that the owner doesn’t know the password, or that the password isn’t on the bottom of the wireless router (hint, hint). Sounds like you are having a relatively good time. Too bad you couldn’t join in the ice cold swimming.

  2. Thanks so much, Kitt, for this awesome comment. The owner, God bless her, is a incredible sweetheart, but some matters that are on the slightly techhie side of things just escape her! She may have also not wanted us to know the password for privacy reasons but didn’t want to come out and say it – and if so, I understand that. However, I did look for the %*^* password on the bottom of the wireless router to no avail…ooooh, I looked everywhere – in drawers, etc. It was kind of funny. What made this trip different is that we’ve always been able to tap into a Tahoe-based local wifi service in the past which we could pay for on a temp. basis (i.e. ATT, exwire) and it didn’t show this time around. Weird. I took it as a sign!

    You know why I didn’t go on the icy cold swim – four letters: LUCY! Nah, even if she was “other-hound-friendly”, I still preferred to stay at home. Their icy swimming spot was extremely rugged; it wasn’t conducive for my watching them from the shore. I wasn’t in the mood to swim despite bringing my suit – I’m much more of a hiking kind of gal. It worked out for everyone in the end, and MAN, I’m glad to be home, my wonderful friend!

  3. Have fun honey. Thank you for writing I can not simply spend my week without reading your posts. Keep writing. Have loads of fun and hope the end of this amazing vacation is filled with amazing memories and loads of chocolate for you !

    • Yay Zephyr! You are major sweetie! I will keep writing, I promise. I won’t be doing it as much, but hey – better some than none, right? I know you understand!!! I hope things are going more smoothly for you now. Tonight I plan on catching up on all the blog posts I’ve missed reading over the past 10 days – I sure hope that you wrote at least one. (If not, I understand – I just love reading your posts!!!!) Take good care of your beautiful self and your family and I send you all my love, soul sister. I really missed my “dose” of Zephyr during this trip!!! 😉

      • Of course some is better than none. As long as I get to read you in the week I am okay 😀 Things have been getting better, I am still kind of in and out. I see that you have read my blog and you know what is going on. I just hate failing. I cant deal with it very good. aaaaawwww I miss writing too I did not write during the week except about my failure on the stupid test. Hope i will be back on the horse soon.

  4. Tahoe is such a beautiful place. I went on a picnic there in August 2000, and it was magical. And I can say that coming from New Zealand and all 🙂

    • Tahoe is pretty amazing, and for you to deem it magical coming from the Land of the Long White Cloud is pretty cool!! I’m so glad you got a chance to go there.

      By the way, I got a big kick out of your mentioning Split Enz’ “Six Months in a Leaky Boat” in your recent post. I hope things are going better now @ work!!! I’ll be catching up on your blog this weekend along with my other faves!

  5. It’s lovely to read from you and know you’re feeling more upbeat! I hope you’re having a lovely time and I’m very jealous of your being there! I hope your daughter had a lovely birthday too, all the best – YIH x

  6. As we work on our own vacation plans, I realize chances are strong that I will HAVE to have Internet access because I’m teaching for the next couple of months. But I like what you mean about limited online access–there comes a point where one’s GOT to disconnect, at least for a while.

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