Random Acts of Kindness- Yes Please !

I couldn’t resist reblogging my friend Zephyr’s post “Random Acts of Kindness – Yes Please!”, not only because she pays me beautiful compliments, but I thought her sharing about her birthday will move you as it did with me.

I originally planned for my Monday post to examine my humiliating experiences which took place over the weekend.  It’s hard for me to type out the words, but here goes: my precious four-month-old American Farm Collie puppy Lucy got kicked out of her puppy training class at Petsmart.

The afternoon on which that fateful event occurred “brought up stuff” for me. It felt like a test of some kind; perhaps a test to see if I’d go freaky-deaky-ballistic in public or not!  (You’ll find out soon!)

Although the Petsmart incidents felt painful, I knew in the back of my bummed-out brain that I could blog about them and get feedback from my awesome blogger friends.  So stay tuned for that piece – it’ll hopefully show up in your WordPress Reader/email box this Friday.

In the meantime, please read on and feel welcome to comment – I’m a comment junkie and I will reply to every comment, although it takes me longer than I like to do so these days.

Have a good rest of your Monday!!!
Dyane 🙂

Struggles of a Bipolar Woman


For all of those who read the bipolar blogs, they know the title is stolen. I stole it from my dear friend and one of the most accomplished writers I know, Dyane Harwood. Her blog provides us with an amazing experience.

On the 7th of July Dyane wrote an amazing piece called the random acts of kindness, in which she explains how people’s kindness had affected her. Here is a link to that amazing post “Random Acts of Kindness-Yes, Please!” (I don’t wanna explain more cz that would ruin her perfectly written posts)

While Dyane is looking at others act of kindness, she forgets how kind and awesome of a person she is. Recently she did a random act of kindness for me. I am new in the Michigan area and I do not have a lot of friends. Also I have a good degree of social anxiety…

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7 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness- Yes Please !

  1. Thank you, my friend, you know I will! I’m doing better today as I saw a great friend who loves animals, and I was able to discuss it with her!!! :))) Hope your day is going well! XOXOXOOOXOXOXOO

  2. What did your animal lover friend have to say? I believe our dogs are dog-aggressive, protective, territorial, and overexcited. They are happy playing with each other and at home barking off intruders of all species (including the rats who love our figs). They do not play nice with other dogs.

    • I think I talked my friend’s ears off so she didn’t get much to say about the matter! :0 Also, I wasn’t feeling too well due to the Seroquel reduction thing, so I wasn’t the world’s greatest listener, to be honest. 😦 Lucy’s family lives close by (her two brothers and her mom & dad) and their owner felt that if we came over and let her play with her family, that could help her socialize with other dogs. We shall see…..I never pegged Lassie (her breed more or less) to be uber- aggressive and prone to getting kicked out of doggy classes! 🙂 That’s nice that you have two dogs to keep one another company – to me that’s the ideal situation. The thought of fig-eating rats makes me shiver with fright, dear Kitt!

      • I wonder, imaginging what Cesar Milan the dog whisperer might say, if our dogs sense our moods and anxiety and are particularly protective of us. I hate to put that out there, but I do wonder. Sounds like a great idea for her to socialize with her extended family. She’ll recognize them as such.

    • I wondered about Cesar Milan too! I watched one episode of his show and he said there were NO dogs he couldn’t help!!! That’s quite a statement! And I wondered if being around our family (with temper tantrums and Mom’s moods/anxiety level) has affected Lucy adversely. I hope not, but she seems very sensitive to me – it’s beautiful though. I thought it would be good to be around her family; her former Petsmart teacher said it would make her behavior worse but I forgot what her rationale was. Maybe I’ll give Cesar a call! 😉 In any case, I have hope for her.

      • I’m sure that Lucy would enjoy being around her former family regardless of what the trainer had to say. I just reduce my expectations. I try to be a good mom, not necessarily a dog whisperer. Oh well.

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