WordPress Followers Range from Active to Silent



Hi everyone – I hope this finds you well!

I encourage you to read this reblog “WordPress Followers Range from Active to Silent” when you have a spare few minutes. Β I’ve written before to declare that I’m choosy about reblogging posts and I don’t do it very often.

I must admit that it’s very nice to be mentioned in my Aussie friend Glenn’s blog “Glenn2Point0” today. Β Glenn also acknowledges my kindred spirit/blogger Kitt O’Malley in this post as well.

While that’s all fine & dandy, I’m reblogging it because I love his message. Glenn discusses topics close to my heart which I’ve written about before, such as the relationship of blogger to follower and the level of involvement one takes in being active (or passive) in the blogosphere. Everything Glenn touches on is something I find relevant to my own life and blog habits.

As far as his blog goes, I really enjoy reading his straightforward “slice-of-life” posts. Glenn’s blog includes a wide range of deeply personal issues such as bipolar disorder, loneliness, and much, much more. I never know what to expect from Glenn, which is fun. It’s truly an honor to be virtual friends with this thoughtful, inquisitive blogger.

While I’m thinking of it, why is it that most of my favorite people live in Australia and New Zealand? I’ve felt that I was born on the “wrong” side of the world for a a long time. At least I have the internet to keep me connected with my Aussie and Kiwi friends, right? And on that note, have a good day and take a peek a Glenn’s blog when you can.

Please be sure to comment that “Dy” sent you his way! :))

31 thoughts on “WordPress Followers Range from Active to Silent

    • Thank you for the supergroovy comment/compliment, Your Inner Happiness! I try to be active and I so appreciate your noticing that.

      It’s hard for me to leave quality comments not because I’m lazy (ha ha!) but because I usually read my beloved bloggers’ posts when I’m working out on my elliptical machine and using my Kindle; that isn’t so bad – what sucks is that I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist and it comes and goes on a whim! πŸ™‚

      I can “like” posts easily, but when carpal strikes, typing comments are difficult. I try anyway when I can…so if you see typos or if the comment seems really abrupt, you know why! πŸ™‚

      I do try to remember to comment later when I’m off my machine when I get the chance while using my luxurious laptop! That’s hard as well because my two daughters have gotten into a habit of kidnapping my MacBook at all hours of the day to play their $%*&^&((& damn Webkinz World game.

      I want a new laptop of my very, very own! πŸ˜‰ I just need an extra $1500.00! Yeeah, right!

      sending you a hug and I look forward to seeing what you’re up to in the Land of Your Inner Happiness very soon! :)))))) xooxo be well, Dy

      • Aw you’re more than welcome hehe! πŸ™‚ You’re my most active follower so I really appreciate it!

        Oh, I wouldn’t mind an elliptical trainer myself; but I’m a student and can’t afford that :’)

        Ah! I hope that gets better for you soon. Doesn’t sound too pleasant. But at least it’s not always affecting you?

        Bless them! Oh to be young again.
        Gosh that is a lot of money!

        You’re very sweet – thank you! And yourself xxx

      • Just a quicky though, dear Your Inner Happiness – I charged the elliptical on my Sears card as I’ve been broke for years…it was $800, but I tell you I use that thing SO much and it’s worth it’s weight in gold to me. Plus I don’t pay any gym membership fees or classes or anything. So if you ever are on the fence and don’t mind adding to your student debt LOL ! JUST KIDDING!!! thanks again! Your #1 fan, Dyane

  1. The amount to do in a day is overwhelming sometimes. I keep up with many of you by reading through the latest posts in my WordPress app. I’d disagree that a silent follower isn’t a follower at all. I read many of your and other’s posts, and they all touch my heart. Sorry I have not been as active.

    • It’s good to be acknowledged but I do get that there are reasons why they don’t participate. I just find the WordPress experience better with the interaction, which is encouraged by the software: comment, reply, like, head over to their site, etc.

      • Hey Glenn, I had been following well over 150 blogs and it was too much.While it was a difficult decision for me to unfollow many of them, I needed to get that number down to around 50 for me to feel good about the whole enchilada.

        I too have blogged about how it’s very important for me to be a active follower and for the majority of those I follow to take a interest in my posts as well. I know not all bloggers feel the same way & that is fine. I haven’t always been this way myself! But now it feels right. I know that you guys and gals ultimately want the best for me, as I do with you, whether or not I’m following your blog! :)))))

        (I really like the “cheers” send-off, so I’m borrowing it from you…or perhaps I’m stealing it? No, borrowing! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks so much for writing this comment; first off, you don’t need to apologize!!! You are so right about the amount one needs to do within 24 hours is just off the hook – it’s too much!

      Your comment made me think in terms of the value of silent followers….it’s not black & white like I previously thought. That said, I ask you to indulge me on the following:

      This is going to sound weird, but I still feel kind of creeped out (please, whoever reads this, do not be offended by this) if someone takes time to read my post but doesn’t “like” it;. Why do I get so hot and bothered about something that sounds so trivial? Well, to me the “like” is a show of support, a stamp of acknowledgement stating “yes, I was here and I read your thoughts”… it just means a lot to me! I wish that it wasn’t set up to say “like” by the way. I’d much prefer some other more apt word or phrase, i.e. “I read this!”

      Or a choice: “Like”, “Hated it!” (just kidding! I was thinking of that hilarious spoof on “In Living Color” by the two film critics!) “Made Me Think!”, “Disagree”, “F.U.!” (KIDDING!)

      Yesterday I actually got into a nasty argument with someone I care about deeply regarding this type of issue. It was about Facebook, but the idea was the same. I felt that if the person looked at what I posted and he read it, it was thoughtful to “like” it. I guess what made the dilemma more complex was thanks to the “Follow” option, I spotted in the ticker that he was looking at other strangers’ posts and “liking” them, yet he wasn’t doing that with my contributions, and it made me feel jealous, insecure and shitty! Almost enough reason to quit Facebook, eh? But not quite,

      There you have it….the messy truth!

      He completely disagreed with me, by the way. I still think I’m in the right. I’m a little bit stubborn, I guess. Just a teeny bit.

      If anyone is reading this, I’d LOVE to know your take on this whole wackadoodle thing. :)))))))

      be well, and thanks for reading this no matter what! Really!

  2. Actually it occurred to me that sometimes posting a comment on a blog is a really big deal for some folk.

    Once I got brave enough to post here I thought maybe instead of blogging I could just leave a trail of comments on other people’s blogs as a sort of meta-blog.

    You’d have to have followed me on Twitter, Facebook, soundclick and so on to gradually piece together a picture of my thoughts and feelings.

    But, no. Now I’m committed to being a proper part of a community.

    Thanks to you Dy, Glenn, my lovely wife Vanessa, and also to Lisa Henderson who was the first of the bipolar bloggers I started up a conversation with on Twitter back in late April.

    Must get back to writing up economic analysis now (yawn!)

    • There are benefits to being part of a community James. I have wondered about linking to other social media but thought I would stick to WordPress first.

    • You could have created the world’s first “Blog Online Scavenger Hunt” James! πŸ˜‰ No, I am SO glad you started one up! You were very wise….nudge, nudge, wink, wink! And Lisa Henderson rocks – I am thrilled that we share that in common!

      This community we share is pretty cool, isn’t it? It lifts my spirits, that’s for sure. I guess the only bad thing about it is that my laundry, dirty dishes and paying bills come in 2nd. But all that crap is BOR-ing!

      Your comment “sometimes posting on a blog is a big deal for some folk” is very true, by the way. I can understand that, even though I am not like that anymore.

      Oh well. I’m just stoked you are committed to your fellow bloggers the way you are. We’re lucky to have you amongst us.

      Hope your day is going well on the other side of the world. Please say hi to Vanessa! Would she ever want to write???


      p.s. I think I could read about economic analysis to help with insomnia now, couldn’t I? (no offense!)

      • I love the scavenger hunt idea, though I’m sure it’d be a nightmare to track my movements all over the internet πŸ™‚

        Couldn’t agree more about the chores – they do get in the way of interesting stuff.

        I really enjoy the community feel of this little corner of WordPress too.
        As for Vanessa, she’s probably not so willing to directly engage with a community. But I’m always happy to pass messages and observations both ways πŸ™‚
        Her writing is usually in the form of beautiful poetry and/or lyrics.
        I always think of myself as the third best writer in our family: Her and our daughter being better than I. I’m happy though to lord my writing prowess over the cat. (I know I’m going to wear a baleful glare over *that* remark).

        Finally, you’re in luck over reading material that will send you to dream-land. I’ve written the first half of my next post already and I do go into a snippet of the National Accounting framework re: Gross Domestic Product – Production and Expenditure measure. (but only because it’s dead-interesting!)

        Consider it part of the service package we like to deliver to our loyal raders at Dog&Hydrant πŸ˜€

      • Hey James, first off I totally understand why Vanessa might wish to refrain from blogging, as I’ve been in that position as well. Please tell her I said hello and that I’m proud of her for being either #1 or #2 best writer in the household! πŸ˜‰ (You are humble indeed…perhaps you need to be humble around your cat, however, in terms of writing prowess.) I just yawned while reading your brief mention of the GDP etc. but I am sure that whatever you present your devoted readers, we will enjoy it.

  3. Great post. Dog & Hydrant also makes a lot of great points too.

    When I finally decided to create a blog, part of the decision was to “put myself out there” as a form of written therapy. Therapy requires interaction. If I wanted people to actively comment about what I write, how can I expect myself to do no less in return?!

      • I agree with Glenn (that happens a lot, doesn’t it?), Just Plain Ol’ Vic! I love what you wrote above, and yes, therapy requires interaction, which requires time and energy. I know you’ll nod your head along with me that’s not always easy to fit in. I struggle with the juggle sometimes, but interaction is most definitely worth the effort and ultimately brings me great joy.

  4. Hi, kindrid spirit! I, too, reblogged Glenn’s post. It was well-timed, as I’ve been paring down the list of blogs I follow to a more manageable level. I know that you, too, have been addressing the same issue. Apparently, all three of us are. From one very active follower to another, take care. πŸ™‚

    • I can see the t-shirt now, Kitt & Glenn: “I heart Active WordPress Followers!” πŸ˜‰ silly me.

      Yep, I pared down my blog follows from around 160 to 50. I’m starting to add a few here and there again, dammit! Blogs are like tribbles!!! So many temptations….but in everyone’s best interest I need to keep the # manageable.

    • Kitt, you inspired me to reblog Glenn’s post and it has gotten such great comments!

      I’m busy enough being interactive with just a few active followers (i.e. under 10) and it’s very fulfilling. I have no idea how the bloggers with the mega-stats i.e. 200 comments, pick & choose whom (who? brain fog strikes!) they wish to respond. Do you?

      All I know for sure, to sound Oprah-esque, is that I’m slowly becoming more content with the current level of give & take with my blog. As *you* know all too well, I’ve been too caught up with getting more followers, and I really want to cool it with that. It sucks the joy out of the whole endeavor!

      I know I keep writing this – I ask that you please bear with me – I need to focus less on the number game, and more on my blog’s content and what kinds of comments I’d like to make on my fellow bloggers’ posts. I’m trying harder these days! you’ll see! πŸ˜‰

    • What a beautiful comment, bipolar2what. Seriously, reading it made me feel so happy!!! Thank you for being there for me. I am lucky to have you as a loyal reader! :)))) (((hugs))) my dear!

  5. A really interesting post. I never thought about followers much at all when I first started blogging as it was mostly for me & a handful of offline friends I told. Now I get all sorts of people pop up from the blogosphere and I’ve been really touched by so many of the comments whether about my poetry (& some just seem to engage with me on that side of things which is also cool) or some of my posts on heavier material. It’s just been a wealth of mostly pleasant surprises since I started. It’s also been a profound pleasure to engage with talented bloggers such as yourself xx

    • Hello lovely rosewiltshire! I am so glad you are enjoying the wonderful benefits of the blogosphere. It’s a honor to be connected with you, and every time I see your gravatar I get a little lift! I’ve been really enjoying your tweets as of late. I hope this finds you doing really well and I look forward to getting to know you better in the months to come through your blog “Rose Versus Black Dog” and Twitter! Off to eat a yummy treat – I know how you love your cake & tea! πŸ˜‰

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