One of my fave posts featured on Stigmama




Being a total luddite, I couldn’t figure out how to reblog my post directly from Stigmama, so I used the old cut & paste technique below.  I wrote this piece a few weeks ago and I submitted it to the awesome, cutting-edge website for its “Motherhood and Meds” week.

Stigmama was founded by the brilliant Dr. Walker Karraa, who writes in her mission statement:

“I have always believed in the power of women, especially those who have been touched by mental illness or mental difference, to create change. We are different. We  see what others don’t, write what others won’t, and give beauty to the deepest experiences of motherhood and the human soul.

I created Stigmama for mothers of all ages to do just that. To speak their truths in a non-judgmental, supportive, creative community. We need the wisdom and support of others to unpack stigma of mental difference in motherhood.

How does it impact your life as a mother? How did it impact your mother’s life? Or your grandmother? If you are interested in writing for Stigmama, please contact me.” (email Dr. Karraa at

And here’s my post in all its glory!