Tired, Puppy Runs & Sleep Deprivation




It has been a week of disjointed sleep due to sick children, a sick husband, and a sick puppy! 😦 Yes, even our four-month-old American Collie Lucy was struck by illness after eating a bowl of cat food.  I can’t believe that even though I’ve cared for two other dogs, I was ignorant of the dangers of cat food upon dogs’ digestive systems!

Lucy’s malady was my bad. Yesterday I picked up Avonlea at her friend’s house and I brought along Lucy for the ride.  We were invited into the friend’s house for a moment, and I was oblivious to a large bowl of cat food  in the kitchen by the entrance.  Needless to say, Lucy ate that rich cat food in a heartbeat.  The poor pup woke up around 2:00 a.m. and had explosive diarrhea covering almost a third of the bedroom floor and spattering the side of a wall!  (At least it was a wooden floor and not shag carpet!)  It was truly a grisly sight, and the stench could raise the dead.  My first thought was “How could something so foul emanate from something so incredibly cute, sweet and fluffy?”

To my complete frustration, after cleaning up the mess and returning to a very poor quality of sleep, I woke up an hour later.  I got up due to my daughter’s coughing spell, and so I rose out of  bed to dose her with cough medicine.  At 3:30 a.m. I drifted into another one of those semi-asleep states that are not refreshing.

These dilemmas I describe are nothing close to crisis-type situations. I thank God for that, since I’ve been through so many emergencies I should be some kind of honorary E.M.T.  The reality of my life is that my kids and husband had run-of-the-mill colds and Lucy ate the wrong thing.  They didn’t have eyeball-devouring amoebas.

Even so, whenever I lose a lot of sleep I freak out.  I worry that my sleep deprivation could trigger mania, since sleep loss has been the reason for my past manias.  Most memorably, sleep deprivation due to labor resulted in my becoming manic and my being diagnosed with postpartum bipolar one disorder.

Because of my susceptibility to sleep deprivation-induced mania, I was tempted to take extra Seroquel.  I’ve only done that once in the past eleven months I’ve taken it.  As alluring as a bigger dose sounded, I desisted.  The way I see it, I’m already putting my body through enough stress as it is with my heavy-duty meds.  A bigger dose of Seroquel would only serve to create more grogginess the next day.  I made sure to work out on my elliptical for forty-five minutes , as cardio exercise always helps me sleep better.   I even ate less sugar than usual, as we were out of my beloved Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s.

Yeah, I’m tired.  At least tomorrow’s another day, and I’m hoping to be less tired.  My fingers and toes crossed that I won’t feel so zombie-esque.  While I had high hopes to write a “good” blog post today, an exciting topic didn’t come to mind, but it still feels nice to write instead of cleaning up puppy diarrhea.

It’s gratifying to know that even if I publish something I’m not thrilled with, I’ll still reach you. I have a feeling you’ll give me a “pass” this time around.  Since I’m constantly impressed, entertained and inspired by what pops up in my WordPress Reader, sometimes I feel those posts are a hard act to follow.  It’s okay, I can shove my petty insecurities aside, and in any case, I’m not going to lose sleep over that!

And now, as my special treat of the day, I’m going to go browse through my Reader  as I relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep.  Your blogs never cease to amaze me, and I love reading each post.  Thanks for giving me something to look forward to after a tedious day of squabbling children, a puppy with Vesuvius-like bowels, and a sick, crabby partner.

T.G.I.F. (hope yours is great) and have a wonderful weekend!

I’ll be back next Monday.  In the meantime, take good care and thanks for reading.



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15 thoughts on “Tired, Puppy Runs & Sleep Deprivation

  1. Hope everyone is feeling better today! I drugged myself to sleep last night (double dose of clonazepam, melatonin, and extra Benadryl). Feeling hung over this morning, but still took the easy Discovery Trail bike ride, which for me is a major achievement, no matter what my son thinks I should be pushing myself to do. He doesn’t understand that I have no desire to push my limits physically. Yes, I should exercise more, but frankly walking or hiking better suits my temperment and needs. I did hike (a wee bit) on the summit yesterday, and plan to do so soon.

    • I am impressed that you took the Discovery Trail bike ride considering the meds you took the night before!!! I’m proud of you for hiking on the summit and I wonder if you’re affected by the high altitude at all? It used to affect my Dad and Craig when we visited there. Walking is my favorite exercise apart from my NordicTrack. It’s so good for you and the fact that you can do it in a beautiful place makes it ideal. Oh, by the way, where are your dogs being taken care of during this journey?

  2. Aw hun I hope everyone is feeling better. Have a great weekend and sleep well. love to girl and lucy ! muahhh

    • Thanks for reading, sweetie, and thanks for your good wishes! xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoo muahhh right back at you!

    • Thanks for your kind wishes – today marks the first day of coming round, hurrah! Summer colds are so lame! 🙂 Hope this finds you well & I look forward to your next blog post!

  3. I know what you mean about sleep deprivation. I told some friends the other day: if I’m not sleeping, my house is spotless, and I start spending money I know I need to call my doctor. I am terrified to go off my sleep meds. But therapist says if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So I try not to give myself a hard time.

    • Your therapist sounds wise. Yeah, going off my sleep med is the last thing I want to do right now, but every time I reduce the dosage (which has only been twice) I freak out and feel weird the next day. So I’m at an impasse. I’ll try again sometime…anyway, hope you are doing well and many thanks for stoppin’ by & commenting. :)))) I really appreciate it.

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