The Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Blogger: Kitt O’Malley

Congratulations to the fabulous bestselling author and my writing mentor Wendy.K. Williamson for her Very Inspiring Blogger award! To learn more about this dynamo, read on…




Thank you, Kitt!

Kitt has so kindly nominated me for this inspirational blogger award and I’m left to wonder what i did to deserve it!

I am honored. The Very Inspiring Blogger Award is new to me and Kitt has an awesome blog herself. Go check it out, Kitt O’Malley’s Living with Bipolar Disorder: Loved by God

I love crossing paths with her on a fellow friend’s blog: Dyane’s Birth of a New Brain. Admittedly, I don’t get to follow many due to time constraints.

After reading Kitt’s 7 facts, I realize we have things in common. We both had our breakdowns at age 30. (I was 33, but close enough!)  Also we never went back to that line of work we were doing at the time. And that’s more than fine, it’s quite common actually. I believe we never lose those skills. 


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