Whoooooo are you? Who? Who? Part 2

When I find myself mentioned in a lyrical, compelling new blog in a way that makes me chuckle, I feel inspired to share it with you

Enjoy James’ post and I’ll catch you in Friday!

Yours in blogging camaraderie,
Dyane 🙂

Dog & Hydrant

I want to continue my story from yesterday. I hate to leave good people hanging, and I see that some of you lovely folk have graced my humble blog with your eyes.

It would be fair to say that after leaving the military I was kind of stuck.

People often assume that living on a military base I had zero lattitude to be me, to express myself and have some kind of identity.

Those people obviously have never met my parents.

My parents are hopelessly middle class. They are snobs, they are racists, they are blind to the plight of those less fortunate.

They also have zero empathy

Now, the drop-out rate for the avionics trade in the Royal New Zealand Airforce is higher than that of aircrew. So even quite talented would-be engineers often go by the wayside. Add to that, the stress of peer-initiated bullying (and hazing, as…

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