“Just Don’t It!”



As I’m sure you noticed, I’m using a grammatically incorrect title, but I couldn’t resist using it.  May my seventh grade “Grammarcram” English teacher forgive me!


Many of you will be too young to recall the trendy Nike ad campaign of the 80’s with the tagline “JUST DO IT!”  I think it was a brilliant campaign, as that catchphrase has stayed with me ever since those days.  I wish I was the one who cooked up that idea.  Then again, I’ve seen the hit television shows Mad Men and The Crazy Ones.  On second thought, I wouldn’t want to work in the advertising industry!

I’ve had a rough few days, as an unexpected family crisis popped up that has tested me in many ways.  I wanted to blog about the gory details but unfortunately I held back, as the person involved asked me to refrain.  Since I love this person and I don’t want yet another estrangement in my life, I’m honoring the request.

The good news is that I got enough sleep each night thanks to Seroquel.  That medication has been key in keeping me on the straight and narrow path of relative mental stability.  Even so, I’ve been amping up some of my bad habits which I need to reduce.  I wonder if any of you do them too? 

Here are my “Just Don’t Its”:

1) Yelling at my family, especially at my kids.  (I often have bona fide reasons to yell, but I’ve been overdoing it.)

2) Eating a pint or more of gourmet (a.k.a. ultra-high fat) ice cream or gelato a day. Yes.  As a former American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer, I don’t recommend consuming this much ice cream if you want to maintain your health and weight!

3) Spending too much time on Facebook at the expense of my other projects and duties.  It’s fun, but I need to cut down.  Facebook has become my social media version of ice cream.  (I can see you mumbling “Hunh?”)

4) Not asking people who I’ve helped frequently this past year (i.e. providing childcare) to return the favor…and I really need them to return the favor now that I’m with the kids almost 24/7!

This is an incomplete list, but you get the idea.  It’s better to have a short list to focus on anyway, so I don’t get overwhelmed.  


As far as “JUST DO IT!” is concerned, Nike was right all along in their message to cool it with the excuses and break a sweat.  I’m happy to say that I’ve been very consistent with exercise over the past year.  I know we’ve all heard a zillion times how exercise is essential if one has a mood disorder.  It’s true, though – it makes a big difference in my mood.  I’ll keep exercising, and hopefully that will help me “just don’t” as much of my list as I can.  

I wish you strength in getting rid of some unhealthy habits of your own.  I hope to read a juicy comment or two below.  Go for it!

As always, thanks for reading…


p.s. here are some pics of me with our furry puppy/therapist Lucy!  She’s almost four months old – I can’t believe how fast this hound is growing!!! fun  

And here’s  “old soul” Marilla with Lucy – I love their expressions.  Lucy loves so many things such as feasting on chicken droppings – eeeew – chewing on socks and underwear, and as you’ll note in this shot, nibbling a stick.  We did pull this one out of her mouth after the photo was taken!


p.p.s. On Monday I blogged about random acts of kindness, & I claimed that I would commit a random act of kindness soon.  I wasn’t sure what it would be. While I browsed among the many creative ideas on the Random Acts of Kindness website, I like the coffee shop idea because it’s simple, & my favorite shop Coffee 9 is a second home to me.  

Coffee 9 also has “colorful” customers who live in our small mountain town. It’s not quite Northern Exposure-land, but the population is eccentric. It would be particularly fun to observe the reaction to this type of kind act.  

The following blurb is from the Random Acts of Kindness Website about the coffee exercise:

BUY COFFEE FOR A STRANGER http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas

“Someone gave me a $10 tip the other day so I took a friend for a coffee. The guy behind the counter was a trainee and having a hard time so it was really slowing things down. The girl behind me was getting a little agitated. When it was my turn I asked her what she was going to order and I paid for it. It turned her around and pointed her day in a more positive direction. She left with a smile on her face.”                         imgres

18 thoughts on ““Just Don’t It!”

    • Awww thanks, sweet Baline! I’ll keep on, I promise! I love knowing you’re out there reading! Have a great day and give my best to your beautiful other half. xoxoxo

  1. oh hun I love your post and I am in love with the new theme. Amazing ! Oh dont even get me started on unhealthy habits. I am a binge eater and my medicine has added to it. but my resolution is to start doing circuit training. As a certified trainer what is your recommendation on it? I think I need to make a Just Dont It as well. My list is going to be so long a blog wont be enough…lol. In love with your pictures. I wish whenever I have a daughter, she be as beautiful as your princesses.
    Love ya hun

    • Yay, Zeph – I love this new theme too! Thanks for noticing! Luckily it’s free on WordPress! :)) Bless you for the lovely words about Rilla – she has been full of tantrums lately, which has been extremely challenging, but that photo brings out her sweet side. Re: circuit training – have you tried it before? I used to teach a circuit training class. It definitely boosted people’s cardiovascular fitness, but it was at a gym, we used special hydraulic equipment (PACE) and we spent one minute at each station. Would you be doing it at your gym?

      Personally these days I prefer brisk walking or my elliptical. Just do whatever makes you feel better at the end of the workout! LOL and don’t overdo it! Make it as easy and doable as possible.

      I’d love for you to write about any “just don’ts”. I understand all too well the perils of binge eating…I replaced my other unhealthy habits (alcohol, meds) with these sugar binges. Yesterday the sugar intake wasn’t quite s bad as usual, so I have hope for me …and for you! LOVE to YOU & your precious son!!!!!!! thank you sooo much for taking time to comment. xooxoxoxoxooxoxoo

      • Awww Haadi sends love back to you ! Thank you so much for replying. I am going to be joining Curves for circuit training. I think they have a couple of machines and the total training would take about 30 minutes. M joining gym cz there is no other way I get off my big butt and run ! Thnaks a lot hun..love ya

  2. Definitely don’t not (note the double negative that you used) get help with your kids (DO send them to their friends’ houses for some quiet and alone (with Lucy) downtime).

    Love the new theme, too. Does WordPress allow you to switch out header image when using their free theme? If so, it would be SO COOL to have an image of lush Ben Lomond redwoods since you live in such a BEAUTIFUL place! WordPress’s image is gorgeous, too.

    • Finally replying to you, dear Kitt! I hope you get notified about this comment…WordPress is usually reliable with such things, but I am a bit paranoid/neurotic all the same. 🙂 (parotic? neurnoid?)

      Sometimes I wonder how correct the WP statistics are, specifically, the countries that our readers hail from – I mean, is someone from the Republic of Chad *really* reading my post? (I’ve spotted some countries or principalities I don’t even recognize!)

      Anyhooo, I don’t know if WP allows a blogger to switch out the header image when using the free themes. Good question! I would totally love a shot of our redwoods with a big ‘ol banana slug in all its glory! Let me know if you find anything out about this. Hope you’re having a great Saturday night!!! xoxo

  3. Great advice for those of us who vacillate (my fave hobby!)
    Sometimes it’s the little things that are hardest to do. Like take a shower or get dressed on a day you’re not going to leave the house. But if we ‘just do it’ it’s amazing how fulfilled those little things make us feel.
    I’ve been trying to get little things done. Last night I tidied up my workshop bench to the point I could start to see the bench under all the clutter!
    Next is to de-clutter my music studio so I can find those notes on depersonalisation for you. I just know they’re in there somewhere.

    • Many thanks for deeming this great advice. I love that word “vacillate” by the way. To me, using it is the mark of a true writer!

      I am VERY proud of you for tidying up the workshop bench! That’s a true accomplishment! I will hold you accountable for de-cluttering Ye Olde Music Studio, not only because I know you’ll feel so great if you do it,
      but for purely selfish reasons…I really want those depersonalization notes! 😉

      Am really lovin’ your new blog, by the way!
      Hope you are feeling 100% improved, and that you’re coming up with another post very soon!
      Give my best to your better half! 😉

  4. Exercise was one of the few things that kept me stable in my pregnancies. It calmed me down, at least for an hour or two. Even now, I work out around an hour a day for 5-6 days a week.

    I took Seroquel at two different times. The first (immediately after my 1st child’s birth) I did great; no side effects. I took it during my 2nd pregnancy and afterward, and had to get off it because I was so zonked out all the time that I couldn’t get up in the mornings! Glad to know it’s working for you.

    Best of luck and your dog is beautiful!

    • Hi there Laura!

      Thanks so much for your comment – please forgive me for my delay in getting back to you. I am SO glad that exercise was a saving grace during each of your pregnancies! I am very impressed with your current schedule – that’s truly awesome. I try to do an hour as well, and while it sounds really long, the benefits are just completely worth it, aren’t they? I’m just glad that my husband can usually keep an eye on the kids while I do it.

      Seroquel is heavy-duty; there’s no doubt about it. I wish that it didn’t have that $^%&*^* groggy factor – it’s a drag, but what can you do? (I can whine, ha ha ha!) No seriously, it’s so worth it to me.

      Take good care and thanks also for making my evening extra-nice with your sweet words about lovely Lucy!

  5. i just sent you a mega long email (i’m procrastinating on typing handwritten pages for next books!) Anyhoo, it’s rough to call in favors, not good at it myself. Guess I suck at asking for help. Or do I not help enough? Hmm.. probably both.
    As for seroquel, we both swear by it for sleep. Problem is it causes sweet tooth. (I always laugh at the wrappers next to Nora’s bedside table in the morning!) And for me, I want to eat before I go to bed. It’s very helpful for sleep but comes with built in calories. The good with the bad right?
    Do what you need to. It really helps me when I’m manic but I taper off when I’m not manic. I listen to my doc, we both do.
    As for 24/7 spending time with your kids, how about going out of the house to anywhere. Just make a plan, and go. Someone you know has to be able to help. I get stuck here and it’s not good for my mental health. If someone you love is having a crisis, it’s understandable they don’t want you to blog about it; however they should understand you need to stay sane and have time for yourself too.
    I say, call in the ‘rents or look up on care.com for a sitter if you want to remain completely anonymous. I’ve seen them on there for 10-15/hr. I’m not sure how much care.com charges the client, but i’ve been on there checking out how much various services cost.

    best of luck as always Now it’s time to get back to work. at least my fingers are warmed up!!! 🙂
    And awesome banner, yes, Time to change mine!

    • I swear the 60 pounds I gained on Seroquel has a lot to do with the fact it *makes* one a chocolate addict! Does anyone know if Astra Zeneca owns a controlling interest in Nestle, Hershey’s and/or Cadbury?

      • This comment was pretty freakin’ hilarious! At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if your question is spot-on…isn’t there that pithy saying “There’s truth in jest”? :))))))

    • Hey there Wendy! I’ll be emailing you this week as you ***really*** inspired me with your mega-email and I’m making some changes as a result! Woo hoo! Thank you!

      That’s pretty funny that Nora goes for a nighttime rendezvous with sweets after taking Seroquel, leaving wrappers behind as evidence – I sometimes go for savory instead of sweet, like cheese and crackers! I need to cool that habit though as I’m gaining weight and I don’t want to resent my Seroquel for it.

      I’ve been getting out of the house every day and it really does help me recharge. I wish I had parents at the ready to help with the rug rats, but Dad is gone and Mom lives four hundred miles away. Both of Craig’s parents are gone too and neither of us have relatives nearby we can turn to – it’s a bummer. Sometimes our friends pitch in when we ask, but we don’t have many friends ’round here who we trust, frankly. I’ve checked out the Care.com site & noticed some possibilities. Another option is that the girls have fallen in love with Lucy’s young Petsmart trainer, so I’m going to ask her if she babysits! :)) She’s super-smart, graduated from my university, and has a good sense of humor. After observing her teach our pups, I know she can be stern & that’s what my two human critters need

      Thanks a bunch for your comment – it’s always a thrill to have a two-time bestselling author stop by the blog and write an awesome & helpful response, I must say! I love it!

      Take care and best to you & your lovely bestselling co-author!

  6. Ah, all those things we do but we know we shouldn’t. The good thing for me with seroquel, in addition to letting me sleep at night is that the obsessions have all gone. And by obsessions I mean the severe ones that rule your life and take you from functional to dysfunctional and isolated me from the world.
    I loved the tv show “The Crazy Ones”. It’s a shame it has been cancelled.
    I recently wrote a post on needing a “dislike” button on facebook and agree with your need for the “Just don’t do it!”.
    For many years I never asked friends for favours or even to “return the favour”. I was always there for other people but would turn down their offers to help.
    Maybe it was because I did not think that I needed any help; lacking the insight to realise how badly I actually needed it.
    But these days, i will ask. It’s up to them to say “yes” or “no” and I have stopped second guessing them. It turns out I am not the “mind reader” that I used to think I was. Go figure! Thanks to seroquel for changing my perceptions!
    I also started to wonder if I was undermining my friendships by not allowing my friends into my life?
    I certainly had very strict boundaries between different friends with “never crossing them over”. That was simply paranoid and again, thanks to serqouel, is no longer the case.
    My downfall has always been chocolate, I love the stuff. But recently I have avoided it. A mate in the theatre group offered me some the other week and when I declined he commented that I never take chocolate from anyone. I explained to him that taking one piece would lead to me buying and eating a block on the way home and so it’s best not to start.
    And thanks Dy, for the adorable photos.
    cheers, Glenn

    • Loved this thoughtful comment, Glenn! I appreciated how you addressed my concerns with great insight. You spoiled me! Re: “The Crazy Ones” – I love Robin Williams in virtually anything. Have you seen some of his more recent comedy shows? They are raunchy, but so, so funny. I grew up watching “Mork & Mindy”. I never had the good fortune to meet him when I grew up in L.A., but one day I was at a supermarket in Brentwood. I saw a woman who looked really familiar to me and I kept staring at her because I thought I knew her, right? She gave me a slightly annoyed look as she didn’t seem thrilled I was staring at her. I realized later it was Robin’s co-star Pam Dawber from “Mork & Mindy”! Two of my favorite films are “What Dreams May Come” and “Mrs. Doubtfire”. He is simply a brilliant actor.

      As far as the chocolate goes, well, you’re pretty amazing in having ***turned it down*** from your mate recently. Your reply to him was a good one, by the way – very diplomatic. I don’t think I can (or want) to banish it from my life; all I need to do is not have so much every single day. I’ve had a healthier, more balanced relationship with it before. (Ha ha, it sounds like a person!) It’s time to buckle down and simply eat less. I’ll let you know how that goes for sure.
      Thanks for appreciating my photos too – you are such a sweetie…with great taste! :))))
      be well, my friend, and as always I eagerly await your next post. I love never knowing what to expect from you!

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