WIP-it, WIP-it good

James is a lovely Kiwi internet pal of mine, and he’s a great writer. Hence, I must share his new blog, which I nagged him to create. I love the tagline of the title too…

Dog & Hydrant

After more than a little soul-searching, here I am in the blog-o-sphere. Forgive me if it takes a while to find my feet. I’m new at this. I’m also old at this. I started a blog in 2004 on LiveJournal, but as the years passed, the blog and I became less and less well acquainted with each other.

Much has changed since those early baby-blogger steps.

For a kick-off, I went through a life-changing journey: I met the woman of my dreams, discovered the joys of step-parenting, we made a life together, got married.

Also I became very unwell.

It is a strange thing to know somethingabout yourself for your entire life, but somehow have no words to describe that thing.

Not knowing, not having the language represents many, many lost opportunities to have a decent conversation about me. If I couldn’t talk about who I am to…

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4 thoughts on “WIP-it, WIP-it good

  1. It’s great that you encouraged James to set up a blog here on WP Dy. I look forward to reading his posts. cheers, Glenn

    • Thank you SO much for your lovely support of James’ endeavor, Glenn! I am so happy to be in touch with the two of you – you’re both very talented writers. be well, dear G!


      • Thanks Dy. You are a wonderful and talented writer yourself. We all have our stories to tell and on WordPress we find our peers. cheers, Glenn

      • This comment was just fab, G, fab; I was having one of those “I’m such a mediocre writer” afternoons when I read it….your timing was spot-on! I’m saving this comment for my inspiration/vision board to inspire me to keep on no matter what! Hope your tomorrow is going great. —cheers–Dy

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