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One of my happier country placements was in this little coastal, Western Australian town. I’d never lived so close to the beach before, so to have one only 5 minutes walk from my house was blissful.
You know what I really enjoy about country placements? Three things.
1) Minimal traffic
2) Patients are less likely to start berating you for the ills of the health care system. Sometimes they’d even say thankyou.
3) Thirdly, your colleagues, be they nurses, OTs, doctors, cleaners or cooks, tend to really pitch in. They are more likely to ask how they can help rather than spend their days trying to foist work onto others. This place was great in that regard. It’s the only place were the service staff joined the ward rounds. And they notice a lot about what’s going down on the ward. Their input really brought depth to our understanding of…

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