Princess, The Queen Of The House

I just love this! Enjoy!


2014-05-16 18.16.25

“Human, if I wanted to be in the picture, I would tell you so.  You see this face? Am I satisfied with it? No. And what do you think about my today’s lunch?! You call that a meal? Oh, come on!”.

The Princess is an unsatisfied cat. Always.

As I was preparing the lunch for us, humans, she was just lying in the middle of the living room, without intention to move.

She was still disappointed.

Her lunch, as she considered, was disastrous.

“What can I do?”, I thought in despair.

The Princess has to be happy. She is the Princess, after all!

My chicken soup on the stow was almost finished.

But the Princess was lying there for an hour as an act of rebellion. That meant she was extremely mad at me.

I was planning to go to the pool today, but how, oh how, could I leave…

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2 thoughts on “Princess, The Queen Of The House

  1. This is what I just wrote to Tina….f.y.i. “The Princess” is the beautiful, cunning cat who Tina works for and lives with in her apartment.

    “Dear Tina (or shall I call you “Queen Tina” ?)

    Your blog is a fabulous & serendipitous blogging discovery I’ve made over the weekend! I am honored to receive my nomination from an esteemed blogger such as you, who works for none other than The Princess.

    You made me chuckle when you wrote “only 15 blogs”! I know, I know – I follow so many blogs that I’m not telling anyone the number! I get by with the high amount so far because most of the bloggers don’t post too often.

    As I recently received two Leibster Awards & a Very Inspirational Blogger award over the past six weeks, I am taking a little break from awards. I don’t mean to sound like an ungrateful scallywag!!!!!!

    Could you please pass my award along to another worthy blogger? Rumor has it that there’s a certain feline named “The Princess” who knows how to use a laptop. She blogs when her human isn’t looking, much like the dog “Stan” in the ridiculously asinine television show that my two young girls watch to torture me called, inventively, “Dog With A Blog”. (Only in America, right?)

    Yes, please let The Princess know that we’re on to her wily blogging ways. The least she can to is to accept her award graciously — no hissing allowed!!! — and then pass the award along to 15 of her feline/canine/equine blogging pals!

    Many, many thanks, and I look forward to reading more of your wondrous posts!
    take care!

    your new fan,

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