Motherhood While Depressed and Bipolar

A heartrending, powerful and brave recollection by Kitt O’Malley, one of my favorite bloggers.

Kitt O'Malley

Since I was eighteen-years-old, I suffered from symptoms of moderate to severe chronic depression. Until I was thirty, I coped with chronic depression using psychotherapy. When I suffered a severe breakdown at thirty, I sought medical help for my symptoms and was prescribed antidepressants. Before becoming pregnant in my mid-thirties, I researched antidepressants to determine which was the safest for use during pregnancy and lactation. With my doctor’s supervision, I transitioned to Zoloft (sertraline). My pregnancy started out easily enough. The pregnancy itself seemed to increase my energy. With more energy, I became increasingly physically active. So much so that at thirty-one weeks gestation I went into preterm labor, was put on bed rest, and gave birth three weeks early. Childbirth was excruciatingly painful (I will never forget it). When my doctor placed our son on my chest, I asked if I could cuddle and nurse him later after he was washed up…

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3 thoughts on “Motherhood While Depressed and Bipolar

  1. Good grief, I can relate to so much, I’m in tears.

    I’m struggling with work, parenting and bipolar too. I’m not balancing it well at all. I almost feel this post was written for me, as I enter a world of benefits and making decisions.

    Thank you for sharing it.

    • You are SO welcome! You may want to check out today’s post on, about a single woman with bipolar who is 26 weeks pregnant. I know you have a lot going on with pending benefits/big decisions etc….but I must let you know, since you’re an awesome writer, that Stigmama is a great website dealing with women, mental illness and stigma looking for contributors – let me know if you might be interested. 🙂 (Forgive me if I already mentioned that to you.) It can be as little as 1 post a month.

      Take care, dear pumping mama – you are awesome!

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