My Wacky 2014 Mental Health Hero Award for Mental Health Humor



Happy Monday Everyone!

I write this while quite bleary-eyed after a poor night’s sleep, so please forgive me for typos and syntax errors etc. more than usual!

Over the weekend I was notified that a customized, super-wacky caricature of yours truly and a brief bio. was published on PsychCentral’s Mental Health Humor section.  

I was honored as a 2014 Mental Health Hero!  

I was selected for this honor by the one and only mental health advocate/cartoonist/writer/DBSA Award-winner/BP (Bipolar) Magazine blogger/mental health consumer Chato B. Stewart.  If you open up the link below you’ll find not only Chato’s caricature of me,  but more illustrations.

You’ll see that Chato’s three young daughters drew their own pictures of me alongside my girls, which I think is really sweet.  Chato told me they get a big kick out of participating, and they’ve inherited an artistic flair for art from their talented father.  They love doing this special project with their dad!

Chato created this award several years ago and it has become an annual tradition.  What makes this year’s awards especially poignant is that over the past few months Chato has suffered from a severe bipolar depression.  He almost let this labor of love fall to the wayside and his three daughters implored him not to give it up.  The fact that he was able to do it is a total miracle in my eyes.

It’s all in good fun, and if you visit the link you’ll note that I’m part of a group of other “mental health heroes” you may be interested in checking out!

Dyane Harwood Mental Health Hero #mhmonth2014 | Mental Health Humor.

16 thoughts on “My Wacky 2014 Mental Health Hero Award for Mental Health Humor

    • Girl, you are already at my “level” – we are in this together as mamacitas. Thanks so much for your kind comment and for believing in me! (((hugs))) lovely Lauren!

  1. Congrats. I also look forward to being your level of blogger some day. You’re an awesome role model and a great talent to strive to be.

    • Rob – hope you feel rested after such an arduous journey! Thanks so much for your kind words – you are already a great blogger, so in 6 months you’ll be truly amazing! (I’ve only been at this for 6 mos. – I still feel like I don’t know what proper blogging etiquette is half the time! 😉 At least I can look it up!)

      I appreciate your following this blog so much. Have a great day! :)))

    • Thank you Susan – I love your support and you inspire me with your advocacy – I know you’ll cook up another blog topic soon. I go through fits & starts – it’s not always easy! Don’t believe anyone who tells you it is! 😉 take good care & I send you a big, kindred spirit-filled hug!

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