Where the Heart Lies – My New Blogging Schedule & Book Musings


I love to blog, even though I don’t like the word itself.  “Blog” sounds too much like “frog” (No offense to frogs!) and it simply doesn’t float my boat.  But that doesn’t matter, because blogging has been a wonderful catharsis, and it has inspired my writing.  “Meeting” fellow bloggers has been a total joy.  I thank my lucky stars for this technology which allows us writers to connect with one another.

I tried blogging seven years ago.  It was the year after I diagnosed with bipolar, so I called the blog “Proudly Bipolar”.  My blogging habit didn’t take back then, for I relapsed and let the blog fall to the wayside.  Last November I gingerly re-approached the blogosphere, and the second time was indeed the charm.  When I began getting positive, helpful feedback from other bloggers I admired, it solidified my commitment to blogging.  Five months ago, I surprised myself by posting each day, never imagining that I’d keep it up for any length of time.

I’ve blogged every single day since deciding to write daily, and I’ve published over 140 posts.  

In sickness and in health.

I, in essence, married my blog! 😉

Blogging relieves my tension, and brainstorming for topics is challenging, but satisfying.  It’s particularly gratifying to write on a regular basis because I was unable to write during so many lengthy, debilitating bipolar depressions.

I’ve known the day would come where I’d break my record of daily blogging.  I know it’s healthy to take breaks from everything we do in life, except breathing, perhaps.   Even professional bloggers take days off from their blogs.  Call me stubborn, call me silly  – I just didn’t want to stop!  (Waaaaah!)  

The main reason I need to change my ways is because of my book.  Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder has been taking a backseat to my other writing, i.e. my blog, my International Bipolar Foundation blog, and articles for the website Stigmama.com and the revamped Anchor Magazine plus more.  Every fiber of my being tells me it’s not good to put my book on the back burner.  I want the satisfaction of completing it, and I feel in my gut that I was meant to not only write this book but for it to be published by an established publisher.


As gratifying as it is to write a memoir, make no mistake – it’s hard as hell.  I can easily spend three leisurely hours writing a blog post, and still have plenty energy to spare.  In contrast, when I spend an intense, focused thirty minutes working on my book, I’m worn out for a while afterwards.  The subject matter is tough, extensive medical research is involved, and I want the writing to be top-notch.  

Just this morning, in a moment of exasperation, I wrote to a friend about this subject.  I emailed the great writer L.E. Henderson, author of A Trail of Crumbs to Creative Freedom,  

“If I can birth two children and have electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) done, I can write a book!”  

To clarify, I know I can write a book! 😉  What will make this knowledge a reality is that I need to create more energy and time to do it.  No one is going to supply those two key conditions for me except myself.  After completing over a hundred pages, I’m more determined now than ever to see this project through.  

When I become dejected about the book writing process, I remind myself that I have the potential to realize my dream.  In 2013, I submitted a detailed book proposal to a respected publisher, and I was offered an honest-to-God book contract.  It pains me to write this, but I cancelled my contract when I relapsed with bipolar depression and had to be hospitalized. Now I’m going to wait until my book is done before approaching any agent and/or publisher. That feels like the right way to go for the time being.


So I’m making it official by stating it here: I’m going to force myself to only blog three times a week.  I plan on posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   Three times weekly as opposed to seven times a week will definitely free up some book-writing time.  (Ya think? 😉 

I’m also going to watch yet another Nick Ortner EFT YouTube video (even though he’s so hideous, ha ha ha!) because I couldn’t help but notice the title – it definitely applies to me, as does the clip’s description:

“Use EFT To Clear Patterns of Self-Sabotage” – Nick Ortner at Wanderlust



“These days,” says Nick, “we are activating our fight or flight responses in a variety of circumstances. Frustrated goals, mounting stress, patterns of self-sabotage: at the most basic level are stress responses related to fight or flight responses. The latest research shows us that when we hit these meridian points in the body while focusing on certain issues, we are actually sending a signal to the amydgala in the brain. The amygdala is the fight or flight response center.” In this Speakeasy lecture, Nick explains how tapping can release these fears and patterns.


As I promised to the amazing blogger Doreen Bench of “Always Recovery”, I’ll report back here with my EFT findings at some point, hopefully soon.  In the meantime, I hope you’ll continue reading my blog, and I wish you lots of fulfilling blogging and reading of your own.

Thanks for reading!






16 thoughts on “Where the Heart Lies – My New Blogging Schedule & Book Musings

  1. Good luck with your book writing. You definitely need to blog less in order to carve out time to write your book. As it is, you keep me busy just reading and responding to your posts!

  2. Thank you Kitt! Your comments always warm my heart – can you believe I did NADA writing for literally years? So I was subconsciously trying to make up for that (and consciously too) but now is the time. I appreciate your reading and replies so much – I really do – and I know that all takes time. Now you shall have more of it! ;)) Until I ask you if you will do me the honor of reading my rough draft come fall !!!!!!!!!!! (Be honored – I will only ask a favored few!)

  3. Dyane, I will admire you for pulling off that schedule. My self-control may not be that good yet. I am trying to work on some other stuff as well but why should I when wordpress is so fun? Best of luck! I’m sure it will be fantastic! Oh, and of course I’ll be eagerly awaiting your EFT findings.

    • Doreen my dear, you are always encouraging and I love it sooooooooo — I was thinking this morning that I will also start re-blogging my virtual friends’ posts more often; you and Kitt O’Malley first came to mind, as you both have been amazing with your comments on my blog and more importantly, you are both outstanding writers.

      I won’t “make” you write a brand-new guest post yet unless you want to, ha ha ha! I know you are busy as it is!!!!!!

      • Dyane, a thousand thank you’s for your support. I don’t have a guest post in mind for you as my brain is trying to de-stress. I still have a kink in my neck that started yesterday and started growing a cold sore today. I’m officially stressed out for no apparent reason! Now you know more than you wanted to know!!

      • Don’t worry about it! I’m SO sorry about your neck kink and cold sore and I don’t mind knowing any of that whatsoever! I’d be stressed out from solely the neck kink, let alone the other stuff. Hang in there, I’ll say a prayer for you and if you can *at all* take it easy. Instead of writing or being productive in any way, I”m just vegging out watching one of my secret reality fave shows, as only Lucy is home! I hope your stress goes away asap my friend!!!

    • You are awesome and you’ve been so loyal and supportive to me – I am super-lucky to have you tune in anytime! Thanks for everything!!!

    • Thank you sweetie – it won’t be for a long time LOL but I plan on keeping in touch with you until then. By the way, I read your blog religiously and you are a GREAT, expressive writer. you don’t need higher education to be like that! You are amazing. Thinking of you today. xoxo

  4. Hi, I just met you – but you are awesome. Thanks for commenting and like my stuff the last few weeks. I don’t feel ‘so’ alone at least sometimes. Best wishes.

    • YOU are awesome – I read your most recent blog posts last night, about your family history etc.,and I wanted to cry…Im sorry I didn’t respond but it was dark & I was using my Kindle so I just “liked” those posts to let you know I was there! 😉

      Your encouragement boosts me up and and I’ll pray for you, although it’s more of a spiritual style prayer as I’m not traditionally religious. You deserve to be in a better place, both literally and figuratively. Sending you a big ‘ol hug and I’m drinking my huge cup of coffee as I write this and I drink in your honor! Keep in touch!

  5. I admire you Dyane. Have fun writing your book. I’m sure that it’ll be a good read. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for such fantastic comments! I admire you too!!! You have good juju – I want my book to be a helpful read to others, so please pray for me that I meet this goal. Wishing you a wonderful day, actually, wishing you LOTS of wonderful days!!!! xoxoxo Dyane

  6. I wrote a comment yesterday and it was gone. I was so mad at wordpress, i did not write it until today. Hun i wish u all the best in your work. As much as i like reading what you write on blog, still seeing u 3 times a week is better than not seeing you ever. Your writing is just amazing. I wish u all the best and I cant wait to read your book. Here is a promise- when u do publish I will buy your book first thing I do. Now keep writing…Right here with you

    • That is so weird that your comment got wiped out, Zeph! I’m SO sorry as I know how frustrating that is – it makes me want to curse very loudly and throw something! WordPress can be weird, but I’m very glad you wrote again.

      Thanks sweet Z for your encouragement and your support w/my new blogging schedule. If I didn’t want to finish my book (which I’ve called my third child-in the-making) so much, I’d blog every day, la dee daa!

      But sometimes the hard things are worth sticking to, right? (Can anyone say childbirth? Or here’s another one: bipolar disorder!!!) You are incredibly kind to call my writing amazing. I’ll take that! 😉 I love your writing too, so we’re in the Dyane/Zeph mutual admiration society!!!

      Keep up with your fantastic blog which I read religiously (no pun intended, really! Although i did just read your latest post about your new 30 minutes/day plan…….very cool) and in the meantime I’ll remember your promise that you will buy my book “Birth of a New Brain” when it’s finally “born”! I’m hoping that will be sometime in 2015, with fingers and toes tightly crossed. xoxoxoox

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