The 3:18 A.M. Anxiety Woes

imagesToday’s blog post isn’t going to win any BlogHer awards because I’ve been a mess since the inhuman hour of 3:18 A.M.  I woke up early because one of the girls had a nightmare and the poor thing started screaming at the top of her lungs.  Instead of getting back to sleep as I usually do, I just sat there in the dark, ruminated on negative things and felt very anxious.

I had taken my usual dose of quetiapine (Seroquel) at bedtime.  This medication has been an enormous help to me in terms of sleeping through the night and helping keep depression at bay.  But I didn’t want to take an additional amount at 3:00 a.m. because it would make me too groggy come sunrise.  That was the time I needed to take care of my girls and drive them to school.  So today anxiety is on my mind.  

 I have a few interesting resources I’ll share here for those of us who suffer with anxiety.  Perhaps you could explore one or all of them and let me know what helps you!

It’s rare for a blog post’s title to make me laugh out loud, but blogger extraordinaire “Bipolar On Fire” managed to do just that with me last week.  While I perused my WordPress reader I spotted the title “Holy Shit Tapping Really Works!”.

I was intrigued.

I knew Bipolar On Fire would never make a claim for any modality to work unless she truly meant it.  Her passionate title made it clear that she was on to something that was, at the very least, helpful, and possibly significant in her healing.  I had to know more about this tapping business, and I read her post with bated breath.

After a job loss, she wrote,

“I have been tapping, saying “I am safe and secure.” And lo and behold, I HAVE been feeling quite safe and secure, not having the major meltdown like I would have in the past…

To say that this has been a transformative few days would be an understatement. Tapping is really helping me to change my life!  Shit that I’ve spent ten or twenty years talking about in Talk Therapy (with no change) is CHANGING!! I can’t tell you how good this feels!  It’s like a miracle! I encourage you to Google “Tapping”, or look it up on YouTube. Do it, and then let me know how it goes. It’s Tapping, or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It’s real. Thank God, whatever or whoever that is. I am grateful.”

To watch the Nick Ortner YouTube video suggested by Bipolar On Fire visit:

I watched this long clip and I tried the personable, easy-on-the-eyes Nick’s brief tapping demo he gave to two thousand people.  His demo doesn’t come up until towards the end, so you may want to jump ahead to that.  I want to try it again,as I didn’t give it a fair chance and I admit I’m more curious.  I  may explore one or two of his other YouTube demos.  I also plan to check out the EFT founder Gary Craig’s free EFT tutorial at the following website:

To read more of Bipolar On Fire’s tapping post please visit:

Meanwhile, bestselling author Wendy K. Williamson has written two great books: “I’m Not Crazy Just Bipolar” and co-authored the recently published “Two Bipolar Chicks Guide To Survival: Tips for Living with Bipolar Disorder”.  Wendy and I connected through the blogosphere in which she read my blog post about how I suffered with anxiety.

In case you want to check it out, that post is:

Wendy’s graciously wrote a comment on “Anxiety Woes” which gave me effective-sounding advice that I need to follow!!!!  Wendy wrote,

“Check this out. It’s the free meditation series.
A couple tips, otherwise I find I don’t get good results. You’ll find what works for you, but these have worked well for me…
1. I do it right when I wake up.
2. I listen/do the meditation with headphones from my phone. (try it for the 22 day program. Click on the email link and plug your headphones in to your phone.)
3. I do it pre-coffee/tea in the morning.
4. I also make sure I don’t do too much. (ie: feed the cats, make the bed, etc.) I’ve noticed, for me, it doesn’t work as well.
5. If the cats are bouncing around I’ll go back in to the bedroom. Finding a quiet place is key. The minute I hear television or the cat jumps on my lap, concentration is broken and I’m no longer in meditation mode.
6. Also, I write about what came to me during the meditation right afterwards so I don’t forget. Sometimes I’ll go back a few days later and re-read it. It’s so cool.

As for another anxiety buster, I often write in the morning (and/or meditate) and it gets out my anxieties.I find my day runs smoother when I spend 10 or 15 minutes in the beginning of the day getting out what I have woken up with in my head. It’s all fear…”

You can follow Wendy’s blog at:

The Two Bipolar Chicks website:

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another wonderful free resource that has helped me over the past couple years. Meagan Barnes founded the Facebook page and group called “Women Conquering Anxiety”.  She is an amazing mental health advocate. Meagan knows a thing or two about anxiety and she has completely transformed her life for the better.  Just this past year Meagan graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and she coaches clients, specializing in anxiety.  You can download her free “10 Ways to Feel Better Today” brochure off her website  Her Facebook page is:


Thanks for reading and please feel more than welcome to comment about anything that helps you reduce your anxiety, especially the “wee hours of the morning” type that I hate with a passion!!  

take care, Dyane



11 thoughts on “The 3:18 A.M. Anxiety Woes

  1. Wow, lots of resources. I’m holding you responsible for my anxiety level rising now that I have even more things to do/research today. Just kidding. Thanks for the links.

    • Oh well, one less “have to do” on my list! Bummer is right! Thanks for giving me the heads-up. But since I’m on this EFT magical mystery tour, I’m occupied for the moment! 😉 Plus a certain magnetic puppy calls my name all day long. I’m savoring this puppy stage as we know how fleeting it is – like babies, eh?

      • Amazon sells the mp3 of the Chopra meditation series for $10, so I bought it. Not sure when I’ll get around to it, though. I guess that’s the point, right? Have to take a break and be mindful.

  2. Dyane, I’m going to let you do all the research and keep us posted!

  3. So nice to know I’m not alone in struggling with anxiety…. Going through a busy time at work and it’s got me feeling all tight chested and anxious again…

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Mariska – I was just thinking of you this morning – I wondered, “Oooh – when will I read a post by Mariska?” (NO pressure to do that anytime soon, by the way – I just wanted you to know you were on my anxious mind! 😉

      I hope that work gets less hectic very, very soon!!! Hang in there! I admire you so much for being a mom AND your 2nd job @ the office. I’ve done it before, and I know It’s incredibly challenging!

  4. My anxiety is doing something quite the same to me. It has been messing with my sleeping pattern, I can’t sleep at all and if by any luck i would fall asleep I would wake up after only an hour and I would be wide awake as if I slept for 10 long hours. So there I am every night wide awake staring at the ceiling and my mind constantly thinking of my fears and doubts. It’s just really nice to know that someone else is also going through the same things like I am. Like your other readers I’ll also be checking back for any updates and tips you have for us suffering from anxiety. Thanks!

    – Abby

    • Hi Abby, and thank you so much for reading my blog and for your comment. Your sleep (or shall I write more accurately, “your lack of sleep”!) pattern & rumination sounds hellacious. You know I understand! I wonder if you take any meds to help with sleep and/or anxiety…I shall stop by your blog & check it out!

      Like I mentioned, I take Seroquel at night and it has helped me so much, but it’s not %100 perfect by any means (i.e. it didn’t prevent me from waking up too early and flipping out about horrible things etc.) and yes, there are side effects from short & long-term use, but taking that risk is more than worth it to me. And I’m someone who was massively anti-meds as of a year & a half ago and I landed a book contract based on my being med-free with bipolar. It has been a long, strange trip and basically, I’ve gone to the dark side! 😉

      I haven’t had a chance to focus on watching the EFT YouTube stuff, but I need & want to , and I promise to mention it here. I hope you’re sleeping much, much better and I look forward to your checking back when you get a chance. Hang in there Abby!!!!!

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