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I’m in love with LUCY!

Yes, as of last night I’ve been utterly smitten by a furry bundle of joy who has been named Lucy Harwood.  My girls chose the name Lucy with such enthusiasm that Craig and I couldn’t say no to them.  Did you know that Lucy is the #1 most popular female dog name in the United States?  I just found that out five minutes ago, but that’s no matter.  God knows there are enough unique names in this family.  I chose my daughters’ names Avonlea and Marilla from L.M. Montgomery’s classic book “Anne of Green Gables”.  I’m satisfied with creative naming for the time being.

Regarding the name “Lucy”, well….at first I was reluctant.  But now that we have this seven-week-old, happy-go-lucky fluff, it suits her!  When we brought her home last night it was an amazing experience.  My family consists of supreme dog lovers, let me tell you.  My girls kept telling us in dazed tones, “I can’t believe this is really happening!” They have wanted a dog for several years, so they are truly thankful for Lucy and they’ve been treating her as if she were royalty.  (Which she is.)

I’m a little high myself on this puppy and perhaps from washing her with strong-scented lavender puppy shampoo.  Lucy had a few fleas and we wanted to nip those little suckers in the bud.  I grew up with dogs on Las Pulgas Canyon in Los Angeles, and Las Pulgas literally means fleas; our poor Irish Setters had terrible flea problems.  I loathe fleas and I will banish them from Lucy’s fur as much as I can!

I now have what I consider an “Emotional Therapy Animal”, but of course that’s unofficial.  I have no idea if registering Lucy for such a title would be worthwhile, but I’m curious.  As far as I know, having an Emotional Therapy Animal allows a person to bring a dog on a plane and into a store, but that’s about it.  

I’d love to bring Lucy to my psychiatric sessions, as that would help relax me.  My psychiatrist rents an office part-time at a very cool, progressive complex called The Satellite.  Other Satellite business owners bring their dogs to work, so I’d think that it would be fine if I did too.  On second thought, what if my pdoc has animal dander allergies and objects to little Lucy?  I wouldn’t bring her along in that case.

As I’ve always been curious about emotional support animals, I Googled “emotional support animal”.  The first link that popped up led me to the “The United States Dog Registry” but they are NOT a reputable organization.

I plan to write more about this topic in the days to come, as today I’m staying offline way more than usual due to my PUPPYLOVE condition – I can’t focus well on anything but Lucy!    But please check out the informative comment my friend, author & dog expert Beth Mader left below in the meantime because it really sheds welcome light on the subject.

I’m also curious what Kelly, my other trusted dog expert over at Mental Health Warrior, thinks of all this.  Kelly is an amazing mental health coach, blogger and mom to her gem of a dog Molly, who is featured in this wonderful post – one of my faves from her blog:


I’m sure that Kelly will share with me if she’s had personal experience with her dog as a support animal. I am super-grateful to Beth Mader for alerting me to the fishy organizations because that would be the last thing I would want to pursue.  Here’s an extra-big thanks to you, Beth!

In the meantime, I’m going to chill with my new best friend before the girls get home and mild pandemonium ensues.  Just sitting here and writing next to this sweet puppy is such a comfort – there’s nothing like a freshly bathed, snoozing puppy. 

Wishing you a relaxing time that’s all your own today!



12 thoughts on “Sweet Puppy Love

  1. Oh wow! First, let me say that Anne of Green Gables was my favorite series as a kid. What a great idea for beautiful names! Second, emotional support dog – genius concept. I love it!!! I will get me one of those someday. It must/will happen. I love it!

  2. Hi Dyane: I will private message you about Emotional Support Animals and how wonderful it is. But let me advise you and your readers interested, right from the get-go: DO NOT FALL FOR THE ESA “KITS”–IT IS A LOAD OF CRAP. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS STUFF. IT IS A SCAM OF THE HIGHEST ORDER made to play on the emotions of those with mental disorders. For an Emotional Support Animal, you can simply ask your Pdoc (or even any of your health providers) to provide you with a letter indicating that you need the animal for emotional support due to your condition (condition does NOT have to be specified). This allows the animal to be with you on a flight and in housing ONLY. It does NOT allow the animal into stores, restaurants, etc. ONLY certified PSYCHIATRIC animals are permitted to do this, and they are a different classification and must undergo a very specific training. Folks who attach these paid-for “emotional support animal” tags and such, and wander around in public places with untrained animals, claiming protection under the law due to their disability or mental illness/disorder are doing a disservice to the rest of the mentally ill community (whether they have a legitimate disorder or not) in that I have witnessed some dangerous situations in which animals have bitten people, lost control of their bowels, run amok, etc. I have also seen situations wherein the person has gotten out of control because they truly believed they were in the right to have an untrained, “general companion” animal, that they could feed on the floor of a restaurant, or hang out in shopping cart. My two dogs are indeed registered as Emotional Support Animals with my landlord, which protects me in housing, and I am charged no pet rent. I also am not subject to the breed restrictions or size of animal. I do not take them on flights, as they are big dogs. They are trained, but by me. And of course, they provide me with incredible emotional fulfillment and support. I pray my words are helpful. Please, please, please, don’t buy into the scams for cards, ESA accessories, etc. It’s all a big joke. And give a big hug to my new fave puppy! 🙂 Beth

    • Thank you heaps Beth Brownsberger Mader – I totally should have realized you’d be a perfect person to ask about such a thing! I am SO SO glad you shared your comment and I’m going to revise my post so no one goes to the scam place. You bring up the most AWSEOME points and I’m grateful to you! Off I go to do some prelim. editing, but I’m trying to stay offline way more than usual because of this FLUFFBALL next to me….oh my God is Lucy cute and amazing.

  3. Hi there Doreen! You have EXCELLENT literary taste, let me tell you! :)) Thank you for appreciating my girls’ unique names!

    If you want to get an emotional support dog, please check out my friend Beth’s amazingly helpful comment above here – she explains some very important things that I was unaware of, and I am so glad she saw this post.

    I’ll be reading your blog post today and I look forward to it very much, as always. And I’m so happy you stopped by here & took the time to comment – that never fails to make my day!

  4. I so wish I had trained our two rascals to be well-behaved emotional support dogs. This week I paid for some positive training classes so that I can safely walk the over-excited leash-pulling duo without being pulled down to the ground and dragged along the sidewalk for a couple of yards, which they did the last time I tried to walk them and passed a friendly retriever.

    • I hope the positive training class goes really well. I hope to hear about that! I used to have a dog walking job ($10 an hour, not bad!) in which the German Shepard “Buck” would pull like mad on his leash, and it wasn’t pretty when we passed other dogs. A relaxing stroll it was not! Never again, I say.

      • Buck was a lot like my very athletic dogs, super excited standard poodle Coco and HUGH protective labradoodle Thumper. Walking them is the antithesis of a relaxing walk, but I know both they and I need the exercise. I come back irritable and on edge, yes I’d say it’s a trigger rather than endorphin producing.

      • You have inspired me to write about a bizarre incident that happened with Buck, Kitt, and that will be fun (and a little freaky – nothing bad I promise) for me to write! *Thank you* for the inspiration!

        I’ll be keenly interested to see what you think of it! I’ll give you a heads-up on Facebook when I post it.

  5. Oh ok here we go. It was your last post that i commented on. Sorry, ai shut off all electronics for discipline for important tasks that needed to be done.

    I LOVE LUCY!!! Uh….and the TV Show. Haha

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