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Over the past few days I’ve griped about being cooped up indoors with my beloved sick ones.  Sticking to my daily routine, I used my Sunbox bright light every morning.  As a longtime sun-worshipper, I made a beeline for our deck when the afternoon sun graced it briefly.  Despite using my Sunbox and sunbathing (with SPF and a hat) I’ve still felt overwhelmed by our house’s darkness and coldness.

I rented rooms for fifteen years, so I’m ever-grateful to own a home, but this particular abode is very dim and it’s very, brrrr, cold, even in the summer!   We use a wood stove for heat, but we stopped using it it when we ran out of wood a few weeks ago, and we won’t be purchasing more wood until the fall.  I’ve lived in this area for twenty-seven years, and one would think I’d be acclimated to the climate by now.  I’m not – I grew up in Los Angeles in a home blessed with central heating, and my inner-thermostat is firmly set in place for warmth!

Apart from the spring chill permeating my bones, my attitude has been focusing on the negative side of life lately more than I have been comfortable with.  I can’t blame anyone else for why my perspective has been this way.  So today I’m taking full responsibility for making an attitude adjustment and that’s starting now.

That means staying away as much as possible from certain topics, people and situations that don’t make me feel good.  I’m going to pay greater attention to what lifts me up in body, mind and spirit, and immerse myself in those things.

Today is Easter Sunday.  Technically I’m Jewish, but I don’t observe any religion.  I wasn’t brought up in a religious household.  While I’ve explored different religions over the years, nothing “took”.  In any case, I respect others’ religious beliefs, and I find beauty in how people celebrate their religious traditions.

All I know about Easter (apart from egg hunts, candy and the like) is that it’s a celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.  Easter seems like a fitting day to create my own sort of resurrection.  I don’t mean to use “resurrection” in a blasphemous way, but as it’s defined on as a a rising again, as from decay, disuse, etc.; revival.”  

To that end, I’m beginning my “negativity diet”.  (It’s calorie-free!)  I won’t bury my head under the sand about our world events or anything like that.  However, I’m going to be more circumspect with what I surround myself with such as social media, my inner-dialogues, and my environment.  Less Facebook, more time with my girls.  Less worry about what others think of me, more nature excursions.  Less obsession with the future, more present-moment focus.  

I’ll have ample opportunity to practice my new anti-negativity credo.  Our household is athrill with the anticipation of a little life joining our family .  We are adopting a friend’s puppy in the coming month!  Twenty years ago I raised two puppies by myself, so I know that a puppy is not easy to care for.  There will be frustrations a plenty.  Moreover, there will be times that I’m anything but positive when I step in an “accident” or find something cherished chewed up to bits.

So yes, there will be difficulties.  But I’m going to do my utmost to keep it all light ‘ sunshiny in between the challenges to the very best of my ability!  Our family has been through the fire over the past eight years because of my illness.  Now I’m in a position to be proactive in making life better.  I feel a sense of resurrection as I type these words, and I don’t even think it’s the extra-strong French Roast coffee that’s causing that to happen.  (Well, maybe just a little bit.)

Here’s wishing you some uplifting renewal that’s all your own, and appreciation for what you already have right in front of your eyes.


p.s.What keeps it light for you?

Let me know what lifts you up – I’d love to read about it!




4 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Light

  1. I’ve been in a funk lately, and I decided today to have an attitude adjustment before it turns into a depressive episode. I made a CD of positive songs to listen to. Hopefully this will help me turn things around. Good luck with the puppy and with your negativity diet!

  2. Hey there Robin! Thanks so much for your comment!! I enjoy hearing from you. I hear ya on the funk issue! That’s so great that today you are going to make an “a.a.” (cheesy, I know, but easier to write and say 🙂 just like me.

    I would love to know the titles of some of the positive songs on your CD – that’s a fabulous idea. I will have you in my thoughts for a speedy turnaround, and thank you for the good wishes about the puppy and the negativity diet.

    Today is going better than yesterday, so I have hope.
    take care! Dyane

  3. This post made me feel lighter…been fighting the evil funk lately so everything seems negative as I hide away from life

    • Awww, thanks Jessica! I hear ya on that evil funk…be gentle with yourself. I’m sure you are detoxing away and you’ll be in my prayers big-time today.

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