Readers, I adore you! (Yep, another thank you.)


This week I was way more isolated than usual since I’ve been holed up at home caring for my two sick little girls.  Thankfully, today they are doing much better, and I’m surprised and grateful that I haven’t picked up their nasty bug yet.  (I pray that I don’t!)


Last week my blogging served as a verrrry welcome break from wiping runny noses, administering cough medicine, and mediating fights.  (Two cranky girls with misery-inducing colds do not make for a peaceful household!)

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve loved reading comments submitted by readers expressing how they’ve appreciated my sharing my experience with bipolar disorder.  When someone writes that he has been inspired by my post, or that she feels less alone with her struggles, I eat up these words as if they were a double chocolate brownie.

I don’t require loads of appreciative remarks – one juicy line or two will keep me floating for a while.  Sometimes I get such a thrill that I practically morph into Julie Andrews singing as Maria in “The Sound of Music”.




Last fall, I thought the ultimate blogging prize would be having a huge readership, getting forty comments a post, and making money from blogging.  Then I realized as fabulous as those things may sound, if it all happened to me, I’d feel completely overwhelmed.  I enjoy responding to comments, and if my blog became uber-popular, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the unique give-and-take between blogger and reader that I find so gratifying.  From this point on, I’ll be happy to gain a few followers a month, but there’s no need for me to be greedy by aggressively seeking more followers.  Fixating on numbers would rob the fun out of blogging – at least it would for me.

To make a blog into a job has never been my goal, but  I’ve been tempted by the allure of making money from blogging.  I live close to Silicon Valley where the first BlogHer conference occurred ten years ago.  I’ve watched the blog craze take off over the past decade, and I can see why the blogging phenomenon took off the way it did.  I’ve read some of the success stories.

Out of curiosity, I visited the BlogHer website.  A full conference pass for the July 2014 BlogHer conference costs $400. Wow!  I’m sure that BlogHer will offer its attendees a wonderful,valuable experience, but even if I did have that kind of money to spare, I’d rather invest it into a writer’s workshop or a perinatal conference.  My top priority is completing my book about postpartum bipolar disorder, not (sniff, sniff) my beloved blog.

It’s not late November, but I’m in a thankful mood this month.  Also spring has cheered me up, although it hasn’t propelled me into hypomania or mania like it does for some people with bipolar disorder.  Recently I wrote another post of thanks containing a few of the topics that I discuss in this post; if you want to take a peek, here’s the link:

I’m being a bit repetitive today, but it’s all sincere, and it’s all good.

Thanks for reading this, and have a wonderful weekend!

Dyane 🙂



9 thoughts on “Readers, I adore you! (Yep, another thank you.)

  1. Hi Dyane. It’s great to feel your enthusiasm about blogging again. Yes, the names of the pre-school teachers sound very familiar, especially Sandy. My daughter was there in 1980 or 81. ( my memory isn’t what it used to be.) I’m on the Monterey Peninsula. I lived in Boulder Creek for a while. Do you use Skype? If so, that would be a nice way to chat for a bit! Take care and keep in touch. Love, Nana

    • I can say the same of you – you are truly fantastic! I just read your amazing post about your Dad and the lily – thank you so much for publishing it today. I lost my Dad too, and I can relate to so much of what you wrote. It meant a lot to me. (((hugs))) xo Dyane

      • Thank you. I’m sorry to hear about your dad as well. Us girls need our dad’s and it’s hard. (((HUGS))) Thanks again for reading my blog. I love yours as well.

  2. Dear, dear Bpnana.

    I love your tweets & comments & blog! I have used Skype a few times – I would LOVE to chat with you on it! Let’s do it when my girls are in school! :))))) You understand. Sending you my love, and I will definitely keep in touch. your new friend/Peninsula neighbor Dyane

  3. Thanks for your post. My son was sick the week before spring break leaving me in full-time caregiver mode for two weeks. Tough even for those not struggling with a mood disorder. I wish you the best with writing your book. Intriguing subject. I’ve heard of post-partum depression, post-partum bipolar disorder is a new one for me. Thanks again for your good works, valuable beyond measurable monetization.

    • Hello Kitt! I am glad that your son is better – two weeks is a *long* time to care for a sick child, and I’ve found that having a mood disorder while being the caregiver is incredibly challenging.

      I appreciate your wishing me well with my book. It’s a tough subject to focus on for any length of time. I find myself only able to work on the draft for 15-30 minutes a shot, whereas when I write a blog post I can spend up to several hours with no problem whatsoever!

      It helps me to know that my husband wrote only 15 minutes most days of the week (albeit for 7 years) and he did, indeed, finish his book, it got published and won some prestigious awards! I have hope!

      Yes, PPBD/postpartum bipolar disorder is barely known except to a very small percentage of perinatal and postpartum medical experts. I hope to reach women who have suffered with it, as well as postpartum doulas and a greater number of perinatal/postpartum medical staff. We shall see! Stay tuned.

      p.s. thanks, as always, for your comment – I value your comments very much, and I feel blessed that you read my work!

      • I will check out the link to the website you provided, Kitt – Los Gatos is only 25 minutes away from me. I had a midwife deliver my first child @ our Santa Cruz Sutter maternity hospital and she was a wonderful midwife – all went well, and I’m very curious to learn more about this grave-sounding issue concerning your friend Kavita. Thank you for letting me know about it.

        On a totally separate note, I thought of you yesterday as I was browsing the Meetup website and I noticed a bunch of groups with blog promotion/social media promotion themes. I used the keyword “blogging”. I do live near the blogging mecca (Silicon Valley) but I imagine these kinds of groups are all over the place in L.A. It may be worth checking out. take good care, Dyane

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