Last night, a large truck was parked on a steep hill across our street.  The truck’s brakes failed and it crossed our street, fortunately missing any traffic.  It then broke through our fence, and it would have slammed into our house had it not been for one pole keeping it at bay.

See my lamp in this photo?
That’s where I sit and write.

If that pole wasn’t set deeply in place, the truck could have continued down the slope another fifteen feet, hitting our home…and, potentially, me.

(I’m a drama queen, but everyone agreed that it WAS totally possible!)

All I can say is that I feel grateful today that no one was injured.  I’m definitely not sweating the small stuff!  The angst I felt over hurting Shannon’s feelings that I described in yesterday’s post is GONE.

If the truck had hit me while I was writing, I would have met my Maker the way that many a writer would wish to go!  But no, I shouldn’t make light of this, especially since I have two little girls who would never want to see their mom munched by an old truck.

When I first spotted the damage, I became very angry.  I may have uttered an expletive or three.  (I frequently experience feelings of road rage on my street because of our many clueless speeders, and I assumed one of them drove the truck.) But it turned out this truck’s owner is our neighbor and he has always been friendly to our family.  He’s taking full responsibility for the repairs.

It was refreshing to deal with someone who was kind and apologetic, instead of being faced with someone who was arrogant.  We could have easily been dealt with the latter type of personality.  So again, I’m thankful for the positives of the situation.  No one was hurt, the damage isn’t the end of the world, and the person responsible for the accident is being…responsible.

And here I am writing a blog post that has nothing to do with bipolar disorder! That’s nice for a chance.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ve found it deeply fulfilling to write about bipolar disorder, but it’s good to take a break from the topic every once in a while.  Even if I am writing about a car accident that could have been really, really nasty! 🙂

Drive safely, my dear readers, and make sure your parking brakes work – especially if you park on a hill!!









11 thoughts on “Almost

  1. What a sweet comment, whyteknucklez! I certainly had whyteknucklez myself when I spotted that truck where it shouldn’t have been! 😉 take care!

  2. wow! Thank you God and angels. You definitely have them watching over you. It changes your perspective when you avert a potentially deadly situation. WOW! But odd that it was in the path of your writing. Maybe your work is do or die, huh? Please excuse my comments if they are “crazy” for lack of a better word. I don’t even like the word… But thank God your family is all okay! 🙂

    • I loooove this comment, Wendy! *Thank you* for the good wishes. The pictures I posted don’t do justice to how the scene really was – in person the view was way freakier & menacing looking! And how weirdly symbolic that the truck could have literally messed up my writing – luckily my Superwoman powers kicked in! 😉

      Your comments are not crazy – they are creative and very fascinating!!! I don’t like the “crazy” word either but I’m getting way more lax about it. I used to tell my little girls they couldn’t use it, LOL! But now I’m okay with it if the context (i.e. an awesome, bestselling book title such as “I’m Not Crazy Just Bipolar”; nudge, nudge, wink wink) is way cool!

    • Hello there Dr. DeVinney! As soon as I spotted the truck’s destruction, my monkey mind yelled out “BLOG POST!” It really was a reality check of sorts for me. Thank you for commenting – I love them all, and I learn from them all!

    • Thank you Tony! Loved your poem about Spring that you posted today. I was working out on my elliptical when I read it (it’s quite hard to type on my Kindle there!) so I’ll go back to comment. I appreciate your comment so much – you are right – I have a great deal to be thankful for. Interestingly (I think you’ll appreciate this) on the same day the truck burst through our fence, a tree just 5 feet away from it had a red rose bloom. I took that as a good omen!!!

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